Another Lie: ‘Information Disorder’ and How to Resist, by Tessa Lena

If you don’t buy into current narratives, you’ve got information disorder. That you’re here at SLL is good—you have many kindred spirits—but it may get you thrown in a psychiatric ward somewhere. From Tessa Lena at

information disorder

Story at-a-glance

  • The phrase “information disorder” frames independent thinking as a “national security issue” and a psychiatric diagnosis
  • According to an insane 2020 “study” out of Nepal, sufferers from information disorder syndrome “need psycho-social counseling and sometimes require strong regulations and enforcement to control such information disorder”
  • Astoundingly, another study from Australia from 2022 attributes vaccine injury to the harms of “misinformation,” alleging that it is misinformation-caused fear that causes injury
  • When there is so much gaslighting and bullying around, it can be hard to even think about healing; however, the trick is to be patient and to insist on removing pain even under pressure
  • Praying from our hearts, like unsophisticated children, can guide us when we feel like there is just too much to handle

This story is about two things. On the one hand, it’s about the abysmally shameless “information disorder” that the bullies invented to build back — I mean, bully — better. On the other hand, it is about healing while in the middle of being bullied and subjected to things that are abysmally unfair.

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