The Gates Contagion Formula for 2023, by James Grundvig

Here’s a preview of what their cooking up next for us. From James Grundvig at

Lockdown 2.0 will come early next year. You can smell it. You can taste it. You can see it like a ship gradually becoming bigger on the horizon, heading towards shore.

In decades of the globalists’ predictive programming of viruses, outbreaks, and a zombified populace, nothing appeared more in our face than the Bill Gates-led “Contagion Catastrophe” tabletop exercise.

The simulation of a “fictional” killer virus launched on October 23, 2022. That date preceded the Opening Ceremony of the FIFA World Cup tournament by 28 days, which Qatar held on Sunday, November 20, 2022.

Twenty-eight days matches the name of the 2002 British horror film, “28 Days Later.”

The tagline from the movie reads: “A deadly virus transforms humans into bloodthirsty, rage-filled zombies that leads a handful of survivors on the run.”

In the trailer, a woman’s voice warns: “It’s in the blood.”

COVID-19 was all about the blood, too.

Over the past three years of the shamdemic, we learned there are no coincidences. None. Bill Gates, the World Health Organization (WHO), and Mike Bloomberg’s John Hopkins University School of Public Health sponsored the virus simulation, this time sans the World Economic Forum.

Like the 2019 “Event 201” exercise, which ran a similar drill with a coronavirus outbreak arising out of South America killing 65 million virtual people, Contagion Catastrophe simulated a “fictional pandemic set in the near future” emanating from two states in Northeast Brazil.

Yes, the exact poverty-stricken location as the 2016 Zika outbreak. Remember Zika, the disease from nowhere that went nowhere?

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