President Snow Will Drive an EV, by Eric Peters

The goal is to eliminate personal automotive transportation for everyone but the elite. From Eric Peters at

It’s not so much that the future is “electric.” It is that in the future they have planned for us, only the affluent will drive electric cars.

Everyone else will not be able to drive.

If that sounds extravagant, consider two facts. The first is that – aside from a very few, very small models like the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf – the entry price point of the typical electric car is about $50,000. Most “transact” – that is, sell – for considerably more than that. Leaving aside the fact that we are talking about electric cars, that price point defines luxury cars – which are cars that by definition are bought by affluent people only.

And there are only so many of those.

The price of these electric luxury vehicles is going up, too. Not down – as the electric car propagandists have insisted they would, when they were selling the gullible public on EVs.

They are not going up because of the devaluation of the buying power of money – what is glibly styled “inflation” by those who either do not understand or wish to hide the fact that the buying power of money is being devalued; i.e., that it is the result of deliberate policy.

It is because of natural market forces.

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