Extraordinary Claims . . . by Eric Peters

Where’s the evidence? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

It’s always a sound idea to start at the beginning rather than in the middle – so let’s do that.

The whole push for “electrification” is based upon a manufactured “necessity” – that of preventing what is styled “climate change.” The assertion itself is so vague as to be without substantive meaning. That’s a good beginning. How are we supposed to have any kind of intelligent debate when the baseline of the debate is so shiftily amorphous? It is certainly not – as the saying has it – “scientific.” That latter being defined by specificity – in order that the specifics can be examined, challenged, proved – or not.

It is telling – or at least, it ought to be so – that the claimed necessity for the extreme measures subsumed under the rubric of  “electrification” is so . . . non-specific.

But we all know what those who use the term as a club mean by it.

They mean the “climate” will “change” in some catastrophic way at some indeterminate point in the ever-elaborating future on account of the added carbon dioxide “emitted” by the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, as from gas and diesel-powered vehicles most of all.

It is easy to illustrate the dubiousness of this assertion by simply pointing out the fact that the totality of C02 currently present in the Earth’s atmosphere amounts to just 0.04 percent of the total. The totality of the human-action produced C02 is a fraction of that fraction.

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