Unvaccinated Are the Only Oppressed Minority: Time for Reparations and Affirmative Action, by Dr. Joseph Sansone

During the height of the Covid crisis government and business could do damn near anything they wanted to the unvaccinated. We want restitution. From Dr. Joseph Sansone at josephsansone.substack.com:

There is only one oppressed minority in the United States. They are comprised of every demographic group. According to published reports the unvaccinated make up 17% of the U.S. population. We have been told that 83% of Americans have had at least one C19 injection. If these numbers are accurate, it does not bode well for national health. Now that children are being targeted with these bioweapon injections the unvaccinated will decline in numbers.

The unvaccinated are an oppressed minority that has faced discrimination at a level not seen for nearly 100 years. In some ways never seen before. The unvaccinated have been demonized in ways similar to Jews in 1930s Germany. The propaganda against the unvaccinated has also been similar to the demonization of Americans of Japanese descent during World War II. They have even proposed internment camps for the unvaccinated.

In just the past couple years, across the United States to varying degrees, the unvaccinated have been subjected to segregation. They have been denied access to restaurants, universities, and employment. They have been fired because of their genetic status. In many cases the unvaccinated have been denied healthcare. Even life saving medications and organ transplants have been denied to unvaccinated humans.

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