nothing is obvious to scared people, by el gato malo

Think about the times you’ve been afraid. Looking back, how well did you think? It only gets worse when your fears are amplified by a group. From el gato malo at

returning from the foray into fear

it’s fascinating the way the world can go from “what was always known” to “that which everyone knew was the wrong thing” in such rapid progression.

you can toss 1000 years of science, philosophy, and ethics right out the window the minute you get scared. fear is the antithesis of rationality. it’s the drive to “do something right now” and people desperate for this course are easy marks for the guy with the shouty voice on the big white horse.

this is how you get deranged by demagogues. and fear is always their weapon.

and nothing is obvious to scared people except for the fact that they want to stop being scared.

the cycle works a bit like this.

and we are now seeing it everywhere.

ask any doctor in 2019: “should people who have already had a disease get vaccinated against it?” and they would have told you “no.”

this was and is obvious.

vaccines are not magic, they just train your immune system. if recovering from the virus cannot teach it (and almost certainly better) then a vaccine cannot either. no one argues that we use vaccines because they provide better immunity. we use them seeking to provide immunity at lower risk. this whole “vaccinated immunity is superior to immunity acquired by recovery” is entirely made up nonsense that never had any basis whatsoever in biology.

this is all coming out now.

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