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Italy: Mass Legalization of Migrants is Suicidal, by Giulio Meiotti

Displacement of a native population by an immigrant population is no longer just a theoretical prospect; it’s happening in Italy right now. From Giulio Meiotti at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • “In my son’s kindergarten there is a serious integration problem, I have to take him away”…. At the time of enrollment, Mohamed explained, they had seen drawings with flags of all nationalities in the school, but, “when we arrived at school the first day, we found ourselves in a class with all foreign children. The teachers are even struggling to pronounce the children’s names.
  • The migrant reception center on the island of Lampedusa, the front line of Italy’s migration crisis, is now in a state of “collapse” due to the rapidly rising numbers of arrivals.
  • “The lifestyle of the migrants will be ours”. — Laura Boldrini, former president of Italy’s Parliament; Il Giornale, 2015.
  • Will Italians integrate into the new culture of the migrants?
  • With a native population already shrinking, if Italy is open to the mass legalization of migrants, we should be aware that it will be culturally suicidal.

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No Continent for Young Men, by Steve Sailer

Africa’s young men are emigrating, mostly to Europe, en masse. From Steve Sailor at takimag.com:

The death last Friday of Robert Mugabe, the big man of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 2017, is a reminder of the paradox that Africa, the most youthful continent, tends to be ruled by the old.

When Mugabe was finally overthrown two years ago at age 93, he was 75 years older than the median Zimbabwean, who is 18.

Grotesque as he was, Mugabe was not an anomaly: Broadly speaking, sub-Saharan Africa tends toward gerontocratic cultures in which men are deemed to deserve to accumulate power, money, and wives by outliving their rivals.

It’s no continent for young men.

Why Africa is so biased against the young is uncertain. One theory is that in a region besieged by diseases such as malaria, the sexiest attribute in a husband is a strong immune system, which is most convincingly demonstrated by not dying.

In any case, this leaves Africa an unappealing place for young men, of which, however, the continent is lavishly supplied.

Not surprisingly, African young men sometimes run amok, such as the Boko Haram militia in the Sahel that kidnaps schoolgirls.

Increasingly, the young men of Africa are leaving for Europe and North America.

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