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The Future of Privacy, by Jeff Thomas

The powers that be have brainwashed many into accepting the idea that their own privacy is a bad thing, synonymous with secrecy, which the powers that be find intolerable. From Jeff Thomas at internationalman.com:

Roughly one hundred years ago, the people who “ran things,” – the drivers behind governments, big business and banking – formulated a concept which became known by a number of names, but, predominantly, as the “New World Order.”

The concept was to put an end to unnecessary competition and warfare and have a central, unelected group of people run the entire world. It was not considered necessary to completely eliminate individual countries; the idea was to control them all centrally. It also didn’t necessarily mean that wars would end. Warfare can be quite useful for rulers, as they provide an excellent distraction from resentment toward the leaders who impose control over a people.

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