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ELECTION: Rep. Waters says she won’t forgive ‘black young voters…who align themselves with Trump.’ By Sara Carter

Blacks have been voting Democratic for so long the party takes them for granted. Blacks have noticed. From Sara Carter at saracarter.com:

Rep. Maxine Waters told SiriusXM’s ‘The Joe Madison Show’ Friday that she would never forgive young black voters that consider voting for President Donald Trump.

Does she even realize that young black voters aren’t asking for her forgiveness or her permission. The nerve of Democratic politicians to think that they somehow own particular groups of people in America. It doesn’t matter that Waters, a California Democrat, is Black because what she is saying is insulting.

It’s not about the color of your skin, or how much or little money you make, it’s about your own individuality and right to choose what’s best for you. I don’t think young Black voters are tossing and turning at night over what Waters thinks is best for them or the choices that they make.

It’s sad that the Democratic Party can’t see the hypocrisy in their own actions. The way many Democratic leaders speak about the Black community, or for that matter any minority community, is plain wrong and un-American.

Let’s look at what Waters said. She said it was “shameful” that young black voters might consider casting a ballot for Trump.”

She said she was angry about “black young men who think somehow they can align themselves with Trump.”

But more and more young Black men are aligning themselves with Trump. Just look at the latest Rasmussen Reports that estimates roughly one-third of black voters will vote for Trump in the election.

“It just hurts me so bad to see blacks talking about supporting Trump. I don’t know why they would be doing it. I don’t know why it is on their minds,” she added.

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Chelsea Handler Patrols Polling Places To Make Sure No Black People Are Voting For Trump

From the Babylon Bee:

According to witnesses, Handler was seen walking from booth to booth, peeking over the privacy screens, looking for people of color. 

“Excuse me! Excuse me sir!” she said to one gentleman in the voting booth as he voted for Trump. “Do I need to remind you that you’re a black person? You can’t vote for Trump, black person! Don’t you know he’s a racist and you’re an idiot if you vote for him as a black person?”

California Secretary of state Alex Padilla thanked Chelsea Handler for her valuable service. “We must protect our election integrity by preventing black and brown people from voting the wrong way,” he said. “If one black person gets it in his head to vote for whoever he wants to, another black person might do the same thing. Sooner or later you could have all kinds of minorities thinking for themselves and we just can’t have that!”

Handler’s volunteer efforts have reportedly sparked a movement among 2 or 3 other celebrities to go to the polls and monitor the voting of black people. In one polling location, comedian Sarah Silverman was seen running after a black guy as he entered the polls. “Excuse me Mr. black man!” she yelled. “Please, please, pretty please don’t vote for the bad orange man! He’s not good for you!”

Amy Schumer is also lending her skills to the effort by visiting polling stations in minority neighborhoods and performing stand-up comedy outside so no one will show up.


Trump Leads Biden At The Bookies Amid Surge In Black Americans’ Support, by Tyler Durden

There are a lot of blacks who fear crime and despise criminals, and they’re leaving in droves the Democrat party that has embraced both. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

The trend we have been noting for the last week has accelerated overnight and ‘the streams have crossed’, with the average bookie now seeing it more likely that President Trump wins the 2020 election that Joe Biden.

Source: RealClearPolitics

This huge swing comes as Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson notes that the results of a new national poll reveal that a stunning 28 per cent of black Americans plan on voting for President Donald Trump.

The Atlas Intel poll finds that Biden leads Trump nationally by just three points.

But the real story lies in the percentage of Hispanic and black voters who told the pollsters that they will vote for Trump.

According to the survey, 28 per cent of African-Americans say they plan to vote for Trump, a stunning figure.

29 per cent of black Americans also approve of the job Donald Trump is doing.

This compares to 2016 when Trump attracted 8 per cent of the black vote while Hillary Clinton captured 89 per cent. Joe Biden is down to 66 per cent of the black vote, according to the poll.

Amongst Hispanics, Trump is up 13 points on the 2016 (41%), while Biden is down 10 per cent (56%).

The reason behind the surge in black support for Trump could be the fact that the Black Lives Matter movement seems to be backfiring after 3 straight months of violent riots and unrest.

As we highlighted earlier, a separate poll found that Trump’s support amongst African-Americans has doubled since 2016, although the results of the Atlas Intel poll blows even that figure out of the water.

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