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Rule by the Worst… Inevitable, by Eamon McKinney

Corporatocracy and sociopathy go together hand in glove. From Eamon McKinney at strategic-culture.org:

If people continue to settle for the lesser of two evils, no change can be expected and the west will continue to be governed by the worst, least capable among us.

Political leaders from around the world are experiencing the lowest approval ratings in recorded history. Emmanuel Macron in France, Boris Johnson in the UK, Justin Trudeau in Canada, and it seems the entirety of the Australian political class are all widely despised by the electorates in their countries. It is also the case in most European countries as huge demonstrations protest the increasingly Draconian and transparent Covid restrictions. Few now doubt that the absurd, incompetent and unscientific response to this Scamdemic is about more than just the Flu. Vaccine mandates are the cause of an immense pushback against what is now seen as a poorly disguised move towards totalitarianism.

Obvious to all but the willfully uninformed is that the political class are advancing the interests of an entirely different constituency that that of the people they purport to represent.

The Pharmaceutical giants and the control they exercise over the political system and all its institutions have been exposed. Public trust in the institutions that govern have eroded to an extent that it may never recover. To be sure, this political class are not the real power, they don’t rule, but they do govern. They have been exposed as little more than frontmen for the real power structure. They are unprincipled and lie with impunity even when they know they are not believed. They continue to act against the wishes and best interests of the public even after their lies have been exposed. They no longer promise a better future, all that they have left to offer is fear. Covid, Russia, China, all evils that they vow to protect us from.

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