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Big Orly’s Diary and the Crumpler Report, by Fred Reed

A lick of common sense from a good ol’ West Virginia country boy. From Fred Reed at unz.com:

The View From Up the Holler

I’m gonna do it anyway. Being as I’m just a West Virginia boy, and mostly barefoot, and don’t have much sense, a lot of folk say, maybe I shouldn’t be explaining the world. But the world don’t make even as much sense as I do, so guess I’ll stick my fork in.

Sometimes I go up the holler here to see my old school teacher, whose name is Entropy McWilliams, and we look at stuff on his internet. For a while it’s been mostly about people with their innards in a uproar in Minneapolis, which I think is in either California or Alaska.

It’s hard to figure. We saw all these people busting up store windows because they want Social Justice, which I guess they keep in stores in Minneapolis. If they did that here they could find social justice real fast. It’s what a rope is for. But they was whooping and hollering like it was the Reverend McBilly Osfeiser’s Last Best Jesus Revival and Donut Social that comes every year to get Granny’s Social Security. Anyway, the people busting store windows say that ruining stores will help black folks who live there. Well, maybe, but I figure noddy but a damn fool is going to bring back a store to get looted again. So where’s the black folks going to buy stuff? Everybody that’s got money or the brains that god give a retard possum is going to go somewhere else to live. And then these dim lights want to get rid of the po-lice, so thieving rascals can look easier in stores for that social justice. It looks to me like they can’t tell the difference between social justice and a TV set.

I reckon about one feller with a twelve gauge could cure the whole mess in five minutes or ten rounds, whichever ran out first, but can’t nobody understand flatlanders.

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