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When Thieves Seek a Lock on Power: The Democrat Election Fraud Act, by Vasko Kohlmayer

The Democrats are going to enshrine the ways they cheated for this election in all future elections. From Vasko Kohlmayer at lewrockewell.com:

“Elections have consequences,” it is often said… and rightfully so. An upgrade to this sage maxim, however, is in order: “Stolen elections have dire consequences.”

Just ask the people of Venezuela, Cuba and all those who have lived under totalitarian regimes whose rulers still pretend to hold regular ballot contests.

Now the American people are themselves the victim of an in-your-face electoral theft (see, for instance, here and here and here and here).

Looking at the mounting evidence, this is what Newt Gingrich stated at the end of November last:

“The more data comes out on vote anomalies that clearly are not legitimate the more it looks like 2020 may be the biggest Presidential theft since Adams and Clay robbed Andrew Jackson in 1824.”

Who would have ever thought that such a thing would transpire in today’s America? Were we not supposed to be the bastion of democracy?

Having pulled off their Great Steal, the Democrats now seek to implement measures that would ensure that they will never again be dislodged from power by fair and transparent elections.

They wasted no time before they began putting safeguards in place. Among the onslaught of initiatives they launched in the first days of the Biden regime, their primary focus is to secure a perpetual lock on the country’s electoral process.

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