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When the Lights Go Out . . ., by Eric Peters

Once in a while there’s a power outage. What do you do if your electric car is your only mode of transportation? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:


When the power goes out, the lights go out. Break out the flashlights and candles. But it rarely means you cannot go out.

Unless, of course, you have an electric car – and you assumed the power would be on, to charge it up. Then – per the Toothless Man in Deliverance – you ain’t a goin’ nowhere, city boy.

On the other hand, a power outage has zero effect on your car or truck’s ability to take you somewhere – like to work, for instance – if it is not an electric car (or truck). Even if its “range” is low because you only left a couple gallons in the tank, it’s not a problem – especially if you had the foresight to keep a few gallons of gas in a jug for just-in-case.

It is effectively impossible to keep on hand for just-in-case the energy equivalent of five gallons of gas in the form of electricity, to get a discharged electric vehicle going when there’s no power to get it going.

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Gunfire On Two NC Substations Plunges Tens of Thousands Into Darkness And Cold, by Tyler Durden

Imagine what a well-organized guerrilla war campaign could do. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

After two power substations in North Carolina came under gunfire on Saturday, tens of thousands of customers are without power. Outages are expected to last until Thursday, according to Duke Energy. 

The twin attacks took place shortly after 7pm Saturday in Moore County, a rural area about 90 miles east of Charlotte. The area is popular among retirees and is home to the golf mecca of Pinehurst. 

As temperatures were expected to dip to 30 degrees, more than 35,000 customers were still without power late Sunday night, according to poweroutage.us. That’s 56% of the county’s customers. Meanwhile, a Southern Pines town manager told the News & Observer that the outage has already caused several accidents, including a four-vehicle collision that sent four to a hospital with minor injuries. 

A state of emergency has been declared, and along with it, a countywide curfew from 9pm to 5am. The curfew is initially slated to last through 5pm on Friday Dec 9. “It’s a very serious situation” and the curfew is needed “to protect our citizens and protect the businesses of our county,” said Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields at a Sunday press conference. Schools will be closed at least on Monday.

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