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COVID-19 Transformed U.S. Public Policy, by Bill Bonner

The Covid-19 totalitarians cannot point to a single one of their policies that had any measurable effect on the progression of the disease. From Bill Bonner at rogueeconomics.com:

YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Talk about transformations!

The whole of U.S. society is being zombified… turning into a slouching wreck…

…with a hollow-headed, self-serving elite at the top – enriched and corrupted by three decades of stimmy money and fake interest rates…

…and the masses below, rendered nearly brain-dead by social media, TV, fake news, fake money, stimmy checks, and fraudulent politics.

Zombie Shuffle

And look at this…

Remember how airline travel was transformed in the early 2000s? We recall from the 1980s and 1990s that taking a flight was a pleasant adventure back then. We even looked forward to it.

Suspected terrorists might occasionally be stopped and searched. Everyone else got on board like civilized people… saying goodbye to their friends at the gate. And mostly, we arrived at our destinations in one piece.

Now, everyone is considered a threat. We’ve taken hundreds of flights over the past 20 years. And we’ve been x-rayed and frisked many times. But not once did we intend to blow up a plane.

Sure, once or twice, we considered hijacking a plane to take us to Cuba – who hasn’t? – but never did we pose any real threat to commercial airline traffic.

As far as we know, there are no more people today who want to blow themselves up in the business section than there were in the 1980s.

Yet, like zombies, we all shuffle through “security,” removing belts and shoes… emptying pockets… obeying shouted orders – all to prove that we are innocent of a crime we’ve never even contemplated.

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Delaying Herd Immunity Is Costing Lives, by Marin Kulldorff

Everything the powers that be have mandated in response to the coronavirus outbreak has increased the death toll over what it would have been had they done nothing at all. From Martin Kulldorff at aier.org:

Climate scientists are frustrated by people who do not believe in climate change. In epidemiology, our frustration is with anti-vaxxers. Most anti-vaxxers are highly educated but still argue against vaccination. We now face a similar situation with ‘anti-herders’, who view herd immunity as a misguided optional strategy rather than a scientifically proven phenomenon that can prevent unnecessary deaths.

Because of its virulence, wide spread and the many asymptomatic cases it causes, Covid-19 cannot be contained in the long run, and so all countries will eventually reach herd immunity. To think otherwise is naive and dangerous. General lockdown strategies can reduce transmission and death counts in the short term. But this strategy cannot be considered successful until lockdowns are removed without the disease resurging.

The choice we face is stark. One option is to maintain a general lockdown for an unknown amount of time until herd immunity is reached through a future vaccine or until there is a safe and effective treatment. This must be weighed against the detrimental effects that lockdowns have on other health outcomes. The second option is to minimise the number of deaths until herd immunity is achieved through natural infection. Most places are neither preparing for the former nor considering the latter.

The question is not whether to aim for herd immunity as a strategy, because we will all eventually get there. The question is how to minimise casualties until we get there. Since Covid-19 mortality varies greatly by age, this can only be accomplished through age-specific countermeasures. We need to shield older people and other high-risk groups until they are protected by herd immunity.

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