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Why they loathe Libs of TikTok, by Brendan O’Neill

It’s definitely unfair to use someone’s own words and actions against him or her. From Brendan O’Neill at spiked-online.org:

This social-media account has exposed just how insidious and dangerous woke indoctrination can be.

For more than a year, the Washington Post pretty much ignored the explosive story about the son of the president of the United States dumbly leaving his laptop, packed with dodgy images and information, in a repair shop in Delaware. But fret not, the Post has finally found a scandal it can sink its Watergate-sharpened teeth into – the existence of a woke-mocking online phenomenon called Libs of TikTok.

Yes, who cares about Hunter Biden’s laptop – and other proper stories – when there’s an anti-PC Twitter account to rant and rage against. If you haven’t heard of Libs of TikTok, you need to rectify that. It is a brilliant social-media account that finds the batshit-craziest videos on TikTok and puts them on Twitter and Instagram for us grown-ups to gnash our teeth over. You have no idea how far down the path of lunacy wokeness has gone until you peruse this account.

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