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The Options, by Eric Peters

If you’re not already, learn how to live cheaply, it will be necessary under a Biden administration. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

About 24 hours from now we will know for sure whether the “kraken” is coming – or never was. In the case of the latter, which seems likely, we had better get ready – intellectually and actually. “We” being anyone who is likely to become a target for Joe’s special attention – which means, in practical terms, anyone who isn’t a parasite, or who wants to be let alone when it comes to personal choices such as whether to join a government-mandated religious movement.

Parasitism relies on the parasite producing. Fleas can’t suck the blood of a dead cat. Put another way, they cannot take what you do not make.

So make less.

Own less.

Reduce what you earn to what you need and shrug the rest. Become po’ – by choice – which is preferable to being made po’ by the likes of Joe.

You’d be surprised how rich you can be.

A person can live quite comfortably on not much if they give up the American Life to which most of us aspire or have been taught to aspire to. This encompassing a “nice” house in the suburbs and new or at least late-model cars in the garage and the rest that goes with – and which usually requires becoming a kind of high-class serf working for a McCorporation.

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