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The Putin-Nazis Are Coming (Again)! by C. J. Hopkins

Hillary Clinton revealed just how pathetic she is, smearing Tulsi Gabbard. Not that it will bother her legions of fans, or prevent her from capturing the Democratic nomination if she seeks it. From C. J. Hopkins at unz.com:

So, it looks like that’s it for America, folks. Putin has gone and done it again. He and his conspiracy of Putin-Nazis have “hacked,” or “influenced,” or “meddled in” our democracy. Unless Admiral Bill McRaven and his special ops cronies can ginny up a last-minute military coup, it’s four more years of the Trumpian Reich, Russian soldiers patrolling the streets, martial law, concentration camps, gigantic banners with the faces of Trump and Putin hanging in the football stadiums, mandatory Sieg-heiling in the public schools, National Vodka-for-Breakfast Day, death’s heads, babushkas, the whole nine yards.

We probably should have seen this coming.

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