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Don’t Fall For The Establishment’s Tall Tales. There Was No “Violent Assault on the Capitol” and There is Abundant Evidence of Electoral Fraud, by Paul Craig Roberts

It was not just enough to rig an election to get rid of Trump. He and his supporters had to be tarnished and discredited. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.com:

In this important column I provide you with evidence that there was no assault on the Capitol, and I provide you with so much evidence that there was massive electoral fraud that it will take you all weekend to go through the evidence.

Think intelligently.  The rally for Trump on January 6 was massive, which is why the presstitutes did not show it to you.  No other politician anywhere in the Western World could produce such a turnout of support.  For the rest of the politicians in the West, such a turnout would be in opposition like the long-lived “yellow vest” protest in France and the massive protests in Germany against the Covid restrictions.

Here was the situation on January 6, 2021.  Members have applied rules that require the House and Senate to listen to the evidence of election fraud. As Lew Rockwell points out, this means the public would also hear the evidence for the first time.  https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/01/lew-rockwell/the-truth-about-january-6-and-where-we-should-go-from-here/

The evidence will show enormous fraud in the swing states where the election was stolen. Regardless of the evidence, everyone suspects Biden is going to be found the winner, because that is what the Establishment demands and has the means to enforce with media, Antifa, and BLM as threats to be unleashed and campaign contributions to cut off`.  Large majorities of both parties would prefer not to see the evidence than to have to vote against the evidence.

The situation is pregnant with glory for Trump. Congress is putting him out of office in the face of a massive demonstration from 50 states in support of Trump.

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Why Beltway Conservatives Hate the Trump Populists, by Ryan McMaken

If Trump has lost the election, his supporters will be drawing up their own lists. Beltway conservatives will be at the top of the list; people hate traitors even more than the enemy. From Ryan McMaken at mises.org:

The 2020 election has put on display a growing rift within the conservative movement and the Republican Party. As theWashington Examiner notes this week, “The dividing lines have only deepened since media organizations called the election for his challenger Joe Biden.”

This rift is between populist Trump supporters and the old conservative establishment.  The traditional gatekeepers of conservatism tend to wield wide influence within the Republican Party. The current group of editors, pundits, and columnists came to power in the days when George W. Bush was president and the conservative movement looked very different.

The Two Sides of the Divide

Therefore on one hand are the Trump populists, who are focused on elements of a culture war and who back a relatively restrained nationalistic view of foreign policy. They view themselves as being essentially locked out of institutions of governance by the “deep state” and other elements of the permanent government. They view themselves as beleaguered, and as such they employ a more aggressive tone and posture toward those—with the exception of close allies—who presently occupy positions of power. On the other hand are the mainline conservatives, who view themselves as the “reasonable” ones or as “the adults in the room.” They are generally comfortable with the status quo and seek a stable political system within which they hope to soon wield power. Unlike the Trump supporters, these conservatives are heavily focused on foreign policy and the frequent and aggressive use of state power in the international sphere. They downplay domestic policy and culture war issues, preferring to instead embrace a position of tepid opposition to the Left’s legislative agenda.

How the Old Guard Lost Control of the Conservative Movement

In practice, outside the areas of immigration and foreign policy, the differences between these groups are relatively minor. The rift is largely one of culture and tone and preferred tactics.

But the divide is nonetheless very real, and at some point early in the Donald Trump presidency the anti-Trump conservatives from the old guard realized they had lost control of the movement they once dominated.

The flagship publication of the conservative movement had long been National Review, for instance, but during the 2016 campaign, NR had declared its everlasting enmity toward Donald Trump, devoting much of the magazine’s January 2016 issue to a feature titled “Against Trump.”

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Massive Crowds March in DC to Show Support for Trump, Demand Election Integrity, by Omid Ghoreishi and Emel Akan

Whatever the outcome of the election, Trump will remain a powerful political force. From Moid Ghoreishi and Emel Akan at theepochtimes.com:

WASHINGTON—Throngs of people converged at Freedom Plaza in Washington on Saturday, joining other rallies around the country to show support for President Donald Trump and ask for fairness in the election process.

Marching towards the Supreme Court, participants held signs that read “Stop the Steal,” “Make America Fair Again,” and “Trump 2020.” Before the start of the march, the crowd heard speeches from prominent Trump supporters including Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), My Pillow founder Mike Lindell, and several other activists.

Freedom Plaza and other parts of central D.C. seemed heavily crowded. Ed Martin, one of the event co-organizers, said he estimates 500 thousand people took part, though he says some media are falsely claiming only a few hundred participated.

Epoch Times Photo
President Donald Trump greets participants during a rally held in his support in Washington on Nov. 14, 2020. (Yi Ping/The Epoch Times)

Participants chanted slogans calling to “stop the steal,” which is also the name of the grassroots movement organizing the event in part. Organizer Ali Alexander told The Epoch Times in a previous interview that the events are a grassroots effort by a coalition of about a hundred activists and influencers to show “support for President Trump and fair elections and transparent counting.”

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