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Textbook Economics? A Review of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Economics, by Mark Thornton

Reading Thomas DiLorenzo’s book on economics will be more beneficial than a degree in economics from most U.S. colleges and universities. From Mark Thornton at lewrockwell.com:

If people understood economics, then our problems with big government would be greatly reduced. Inflation, big government and even war are rare in ideologically smart societies. However, mandatory government education, socialist propaganda by the media cartel, and politicians serving up trillions in government giveaways has enticed the average American to the dark side.[1]

Political correctness, or the opposition to truth and justice, has fallen on America, seemingly, like a tsunami. It is a crucial weapon of the dark side. In economic matters, the latest Marxist/Progressive’s dark side assault has been economic inequality.[2]  This propaganda for higher taxes and more government handouts has been bolstered by decades of bogus government and academic statistical reports.[3] Everyone needs to know some economics to not be bamboozled by this misinformation campaign.

America’s high school and college students are often required to take a course on economics, but most of those classes are anti-economic propaganda against the market and entrepreneurship. The universities and their liberal arts curricula have been entirely infected with Marxism.  College graduates go forward knowing a few skills useful to the State, but more importantly are thoroughly brainwashed against the free market.

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He Said That? 2/12/18

From Thomas DiLorenzo (born 1954), American economics professor at Loyola University Maryland Sellinger School of Business, The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War (2002):

Tocqueville was correct in his rendition of how the Constitution was formed, but he likely never dreamed that an American president would ever send an invading army to kill some 300,000 of his own citizens in order to destroy the right of secession, a right that all of America’s founding fathers held as sacrosanct and that was at the very heart of the American system of government.