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Paying people NOT to work causes Economic Inactivity [Letter from Great Britain – 06-26-21], by Austrian Peter

Keep the government from interfering in the labor market and downward wage rigidity and contrived worker scarcity would be gone in a heartbeat. From Austrian Peter at theburningplatform.com:

BUT until we get on to unemployment I have a SURPRISE observation and before we get to the meat of my Letter, here is the entrée: My grandchildren and 90% of their generation have become captured by an NHS ‘App’ which acts as a jailer’s anchor bracelet corralling them into an electronic cage, sans freedom of movement. OK – I might be a crotchety old man and out-of-touch with TECH and what’s going on in Britain generally – but this is ridiculous!

Apparently they download the ‘NHS App’ which warns them if they have been close to a ‘sick’ Covidian and then they have to isolate themselves in their homes for 10 days until the App says they can come out into the world again!  I am amazed that this is done entirely voluntarily, without question, and without malice aforethought – ‘staggering’ is not strong enough to describe this captured prisoner syndrome – they can’t see that they are enslaved into the UK biosecurity state, never to know freedom that, for me, is a natural human right.

Yes, the world in 2021 has definitely lost its moorings and is now spinning off into social hyperspace leaving me on my island of ignorance, happy indeed not to be part of this contrived drama.  “See the happy moron, he doesn’t give a damn.  I wish I was a moron, my God! Perhaps I am?”

I can now see what the ruling elite are doing – they have captured Millennials, Gen Z and some of Gen X; us free-thinking Boomers will be gone soon and then the Great Reset will come into its own.  Thank God I won’t be here to see a virtual concentration camp ruled by Nazis who really never lost WW2 and hear them weaving their nefarious plans to take over the world – it looks like they are indeed winning.

You have to know there is a prison if you are to understand you are a prisoner.

FIRST – My pseudonym is ‘Austrian Peter’ – NOT because I am Austrian, far from it – but because I subscribe to Austrian economics theory which I cover in Chapter 11 of my book.  For me this ‘philosophy’, or ‘religion’ as my friend Gerry prefers to call it, neatly counters the failed theories of John Maynard Keynes Investopedia Lord Keynes  which our Masters of the Financial Universe have been using ever since WW2.

The British-Austrian economist William Harold Hutt identified Keynes’s theory of unemployment equilibrium as the most novel and original aspect of his work. Henry Hazlitt’s second law is the observation that everything in Keynes’s General Theory is either unoriginal or untrue. From Hazlitt we know that the unemployment equilibrium doctrine is untrue.

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