America 2.0, by Robert Gore

Let’s assume everything collapses. The skyscraper of cards tumbles; parasitic, unsustainable governments fail; chaos reigns. For all its flaws, living today, especially for those of us in the more advanced economies, is a lot easier than during any prior time. As late as 1900 US life expectancy was less than fifty years. However, there are reasons to root for collapse; it would present a huge opportunity to keep the good parts of the present age and build upon them, while at the same time changing the things that will have been manifestly responsible for the collapse, i.e., the incompetence and corruption of governments. However, to avail ourselves of the opportunities, it is necessary to consider what will replace that which has failed. SLL will kick off the process with a few modest proposals.

Freedom: The lodestar of what emerges must be individual freedom. History’s greatest quandary has been how to secure the fruits of production—essential to the survival of the producer and the species—to those who produce it. Government started as a protection racket; some production was diverted to it in exchange for safety from theft and violence, both internal and external. The danger of this arrangement is obvious: governments become the most rapacious criminals. How does a society protect itself and its property not just from criminals and invaders, but from its own government?

The sad fate of the US Constitution demonstrates that any founding principle or document can be perverted and corrupted. However, a building is better with a blueprint than without. The foundational principle, stated clearly in a new and improved Constitution, must be that individual freedom and the protection of individual rights and liberties are paramount. The corollary: the government shall be subordinate, its duty to use its monopoly on initiatory force to secure and protect those paramount rights and liberties and nothing else. Obviously, many details will have to be worked out, but the standard libertarian formulation of government limited to police, judicial, and military functions captures the basic idea. Will power-seekers try, and eventually succeed, in subverting a new Constitution? Probably, but nobody has figured out how to cure human nature’s malignancies. Clean slates get dirty, but at least they start out as clean.

Voting: The founders envisioned a republic, not a democracy, which they abhorred as mob rule. History has proven them right. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. An arrangement that might stop people from voting other people’s means for their own ends is to restrict the franchise to those who receive no money from the government, either directly or indirectly. Politicians, government employees, including the military, and contractors and their employees would not vote. What politician is going to pander to a bloc that cannot vote? The ban on voting would only be in effect while an individual receives money from the government, a sacrifice required for “public service.” The government under this set of proposals will be a shadow of its current behemoth self—the voting prohibition will apply to a very small percentage of the population. This is admittedly an extreme proposal. If you have something less extreme that will keep the productive citizenry from being turned into lamb chops, please submit it in the Comments section below.

Involuntary redistribution: There shall be none, no government-provided anything other than the military, police, and courts. Nothing the government provides through coercion cannot be provided better by free individuals, businesses, and markets. Much of what the government provides shouldn’t be provided at all. This seems fanciful now, but will seem much less so after the government goes broke. There will be no problem of fulfilling legacy promises to those counting on goodies from the government; those promises will have already been broken.

Defense: Defense will be limited to the defense of US territory: no allies, no “interests,” no Pax Americana. Military action will be limited to wars duly declared and specified (no more open-ended wars) by Congress within a short period after the first hostilities. The US enjoys the greatest geopolitical blessings of any nation in history. To the east and west lie the Atlantic and Pacific moats. To the north and south are friendly, militarily weaker nations. It has the world’s largest and most advanced economy, huge raw-material-extraction and industrial capabilities, a formidable arsenal of conventional and nuclear weapons, a well-armed populace that includes millions of potential guerrilla fighters, and a host of geographically inhospitable features—mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, forests, swamps, and always tough urban environments. Even the contemplation of invasion amounts to insanity, which is why nobody has tried for two centuries. A US military limited to defense of the US could be funded for a fraction of what is spent now.

Money and debt: Historically, governmental mismanagement of money and debt has caused more misery than any other activity, save war, in which they engage. Logically, there is no reason why governments have to be involved with money issuance. They are almost always hostile to privately-developed money because they accrue economic advantages through money issuance: monopoly control of the medium of exchange; legal tender laws that mandate acceptance of their money and debt; the seignorage privilege of being the first user of money or debt, and inflation, the hidden tax of depreciating exchange value that non-first users bear (for a more extensive discussion, see “Real Money,” SLL, 9/9/15).

The estimated 96 percent depreciation of the dollar since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and its deterioration from a unit freely convertible to gold to one freely convertible only to another paper dollar, cinches the case that the government should be barred from any monetary role at all. Such depreciation is the rule, not the exception, when governments and their allied central banks control monetary issuance. The alternative? Let the market decide on acceptable money or monies. Undoubtedly it will choose money that holds its value. Along the same lines, the enslavement of future generations engendered by issuing debt must be severely circumscribed, perhaps only permissible upon a declaration of war; limited to the duration of the war, with redemption within a few years after the war.

Funding: The funding requirements of the new regime will be minuscule compared to what the government takes in now, probably less than 10 percent of the GDP, compared to the present 40 percent (for local, state, and the federal government). Not only will the revenue numerator be much smaller, but the GDP denominator will be much larger as the newly unshackled economy makes a joke of today’s 2 percent (if that much) growth rates. The income tax, one of the most pernicious thefts ever invented, will be abolished. Government revenue will come from the imposition of non-income based fees, taxes, and assessments. You might be able to fund this government just by passing the hat to newly unshackled, grateful producers. A fee could be charged on all contracts that parties agree are to be enforced in government courts (although nobody will be required to use government courts for contractual dispute resolution). A per capita flat fee could be accessed for the national defense and police. Excise taxes could be levied on imported goods; they were the chief source of funds for the federal government prior to imposition of the income tax. Most public lands would be sold off, and the proceeds could be held in a trust that will throw off revenues to the government.

Trade and immigration: Freedom is freedom, and that means free trade and open borders. Free trade doesn’t mean the current managed trade snuck under cover of agreements labelled “Free Trade.” Real free trade can be instituted by any nation in a sentence or two that prohibit tariffs or trade barriers for the goods and services of any foreign entity exporting to the US market, except perhaps for excise taxes, applied at a uniform rate regardless of the country of origin. Free trade redounds to the benefit of any nation that practices it, regardless of whether or not any other nation does so.

Immigration is most problematic for welfare states with shrinking or barely growing economies. Welfare states attract immigrants looking for freebies, and even those looking for work are demonized for taking “scarce” jobs from citizens. There will be no government handouts or benefits in America 2.0, and the newly freed economy is more likely to suffer from labor shortages than surpluses. That was certainly the case during the booming Industrial Revolution, the heyday of American immigration. The new wave of immigrants will be looking for their piece of the American pie through hard work and eventual assimilation, just as previous waves—up until elements of the current one—have.

These proposals are meant not as immutable proposals, but to prompt those of us who anticipate a dramatic change from the current “way things are” to think and discuss beforehand the “way things ought to be.” We can’t let a once-in-many-generations opportunity slip away for lack of intellectual preparation for it.


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19 responses to “America 2.0, by Robert Gore

  1. What will replace chaos is repression and iron-fisted control by the government of everything. There’s no going back to revolutionary times with wide open frontiers and a largely self sufficient agrarian economy that permits and rewards initiative, responsibility and accountability. Instead, 300M people living on top of each other will gladly surrender their freedoms for security and a handout, no matter how meager. Absent a revolution by the producers and dissolution of the country into local city states and autonomous micro economies, individual freedoms will not flourish.


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  3. “Politicians, government employees, including the military, and contractors and their employees would not vote.” I like it. Make it so.


  4. Open borders? Free Trade No thanks. All your proposals do is turn our Constitutional Republic into a 3rd world pest hole at a faster rate.

    The Libertarian philosophy is frankly just an excuse to dodge the responsibility and tax costs of governing. Its no different than the Left save that the Left can actually achieve some of their goals with good management, they can actually stop most hunger, homelessness and provide basic health care.

    Simply, you want civilization, you will pay for it. The Founding Fathers being the treasonous tax cheats they were (as well as the most brilliant Liberty minded men of an era) found this out toot sweet. Civilization is expensive. Modern society even more so.

    There are good reason there are no Libertarian societies anywhere other than a frontier. They don’t work. And note tiny, underpopulated Medieval Iceland had strict laws even though it was a frontier.

    And note too, no one in the world other than European people has even tried it, American soil isn’t magically empowering and won’t automagically make it work for say 86 IQ Somali Muslims or 92 IQ Mexican Mestizos or 110 IQ Chinese or 100 IQ Swedes for that matter. It doesn’t scale to /13 of a billion people either.

    What will happen is the the 3rd world people used as barracks housed cheap labor no doubt our ruling class will import en mass will end up impoverishing the country and turning it into Brazil 2.0 even if they can’t vote

    What will happen is $50 a month (or nothing) plus barracks housing will be the default for everyone who isn’t connected, i.e 90% of the population. Technically you’ll be free but being free to sell yourself cheap as a virtual slave or starve isn’t freedom.

    And yes this bad arrangement is still better than life at home in say Syria so in a few years of that , well it will be far worse for everyone.

    If you want a real plan try deporting 50 million or more people and than imposing economic nationalism. You can limit the welfare state if you like but you are going to have one anyway, the current one may implode leading to mass death and impoverishment but if your society is to survive as a prosperous one it will be distributing wealth or it will die of demand starvation do to automation or low wages. Choose wisely

    In the end America got rich not by “free markets” but by ruthless merchantilism and and economical nationalism and by being a European derived nation. Go back to that, change the tax incentives to distribute wealth and you have a shot. Otherwise, its a rocket train to the 3rd world.


  5. I think you’ve largely nailed it here, especially with the proposal to limit the franchise. I might go even further, but that would have no chance of acceptance.
    I would also specifically include the principle of subsidiarity, e.g. military is national, police are local, courts are both, depending.
    The only are where I still have uncertainty is at the very local level, specifically certain aspects of public sanitation (such as sewers and garbage collection), public health (epidemiology, vaccinations, etc.), and roads. I like the idea of privatizing these functions, but I’ve never really heard a convincing mechanism for making that work at the detailed level, especially the funding.
    I’m certainly no expert, however, and would welcome suggestions as to where the local issues have been more fully worked out.


  6. 1) Military. Go with the Swiss model which ironically was embodied in our original Militia Acts. Though I do have to point HOW we arrived at the ‘defense forward’ mentality. It become obvious to the War College after reviewing the death toll of the CW I that mechanized war is best played as an away game. We have planned for always being an away game ever since. For it to be domestic again is a horror unfit to consider.
    2) Voting. We had the concept of FreeHolder once in the original colonies. Only persons with debt free Real Estate could vote. Go back to it. Also, you have a contradiction — you can’t have a CongressCritter and at the same time say they cannot vote. They vote all the time — on funding bills.
    3) Immigration. Sorry open borders can’t work even if you don’t have a welfare state. There are those who wish to kill us for who we are. NOT for what we possess. Along side that, any place on the planet is reachable in 24hrs for $1000. There are 4Bn people on this planet that would rather be anywhere other than the shithole they are currently in. Imagine the CONUS with 4Bn additional people.
    4) Currency. The reason the constitution made the positions it did in relation to currency was the hold over from the state debts of the Rev. War. To assume those debts required standardization. There is value in that. It should be noted that until the CW I there were a whole series of State banks that worked quite well using the restriction of gold and silver as prescribed by USC.
    5) Taxation. If you have a Militia force not much need for DoD level funding as it is today. If you don’t have welfare its even less. A simple amendment that states that no SS or ITIN entity can be taxed for more than X %. Or go to a consumption based VAT.

    Mere observations….


  7. While your restriction of the vote to non-dependents of the government is excellent, you also need to face the fact that female voters and young singles created the welfare/warfare State and all that followed from that. Women, like children, have an extremely high time preference, and want to nurture everyone. I propose that the voting age be 30, and that only married women with either children or significant property ownership receive the franchise.


  8. so whats your thoughts concerning 50 million invaders already here??


  9. No income tax = good. Replacement with excise taxes = good.

    Thinking that you can accurately determine citizenship (i.e. who gets to vote) when excise taxes are combined with open borders = insane.

    Moreover, nothing is mentioned regarding the determination of citizenship at all.

    How this is different from the current leftist plan to turn the vote over to any and all foreigners who make the effort to show up at the polls is, therefore, unaddressed.

    “Will power-seekers try, and eventually succeed, in subverting a new Constitution? Probably, but nobody has figured out how to cure human nature’s malignancies.”
    Uh, neither limiting who gets to vote (with the exception of those receiving welfare which, under said government, will not exist), nor restricting who may hold elective office, under what conditions, with what penalty, and with what enforcement mechanism for ferreting out and removing those who differ with the basic principle of government {{that the sole purpose of a just government is to protect widely or universally acknowledged individual rights}} is a pretty good way to start in on the aforementioned subversion ab initio.

    The gratuitous assertion that the malignancies of human nature have no cure and therefore need not be defended against sounds very like the leftist axiom regarding underage sex that ostensibly justifies promoting underage sex.

    A personally selective list of a handful of problems needing (magical) solutions is hardly the best thought out proposal for a new model of government to ensure liberty. You can’t even be brought to say who this new government is to govern. Apparently it is everyone, globally, who wishes to vote in the new government’s elections — regardless of their agreement as to the purposes of said government.

    If this is the most “logical” plan going, I may have sorely misjudged the anarchists.


  10. Sounds suspiciously like you want to get back to enumerated powers. From your mouth to Gods ear.


  11. Size of .gov can be limited by limiting how much it is fed. Tithing through a VAT would be a way to limit just how big it can get and everyone has some skin in the game.

    Term limits need to be built into any new America. Professional politicians are a cancer on the Republic.


  12. Who gets to vote? Anybody that shows up? Let us suppose for a second that all of the changes you talk about come to pass. Now then, Joe Blow thinks it would be better if *some* people (no doubt himself included) didn’t really have to work and that the people of this country should support him (this will occur about 2 seconds after all the changes you talk about are in place). He feels this should be voted on.

    Should Joe be allowed to do this if he is not a citizen of this country? That would be absurd. So, only citizens should be able to propose laws and regulations. Should someone across the ocean from another country be allowed to vote on this? Again, of course not.

    Where is this country? If there are no borders then how can one define what is and what is not this country?

    I am a libritarian on most issues but not on borders and citizenship. If there is a good reset of this country and it is made prosperous other people of the world are going to want what we have *without* the work of fixing their own place. We will be swamped and the society will be destroyed


  13. Funding. The upper limit of revenue to be stolen by the government (as a % of GDP) should be enumerated in the Constitution. 10% is too high (during peace time).
    Immigration and trade. Borders need to be enforced so that the citizens of Libertopia know what and who is entering. Imported goods need to be taxed (see above). Immigrants need to be quarantined to screen for disease. During this time they can be briefed on what to expect in a country with virtually no government. Welfare seekers will self deport.
    In response to the post above re: 3rd world immigrants driving down wages. Virtually all of them have no skills. If you have skills you won’t be affected. Perhaps we could test IQ while in quarantine after we reach our quota of manual laborers to assure newcomers will be able to function in a peaceful, technological society.


  14. Mr. Gore, I think you are definitely on the right track… I like it! It’s possible though, that you might benefit from my 2 cents.

    What if I submitted to you that there is a way (a similar way) to solve all the problems that you’ve observed, and more? What if I said there is a system that is backed by a sound legal argument, attested to by tested local precedent, and more importantly, one that could be achieved peacefully in our lifetime? Would you be interested in listening to it?

    What if we were to consider our alternatives based on one simple sound and lasting premise that was laid down as a foundation at the very beginning of our existence? One, which has already been conveniently and eloquently written down for all to see in our nation’s founding and legitimizing premise “The Declaration of Independence”? As we all know, that document goes something like this: “We Hold these Truths to be self-evident; that all men are Created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among them are Life, and Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Please take a few moments to think about what that statement really means, especially if you haven’t really contemplated it deeply prior to this moment. That is the basis.

    I have found that founding statement to be surprisingly accurate, immeasurably valuable, and actually quite indispensable when attempting to visualize a truly just and equitable nation. And I believe that it is the single most important notion relating to the rule of law and governance. Sadly, the statement itself is somewhat dependent on a society that embraces and understands deductive reasoning (which, apparently, ours currently does not). Whether this be fortunate of unfortunate remains to be seen, but it also reveals what I refer to as “our founding hypocrisy.” This founding hypocrisy is seldom addressed publicly these days (for doing so would surely demand a reckoning, and some real and lasting change), but it is certainly still present in our midst. It is the hypocrisy of slavery, which, according to current myth, we already abolished… but which actually comes in many forms, some of which are elusive at first, but each of which, in the end, comes down to just one thing: “theft.” Theft is a thing many commented on above. I want to personally thank them all for recognizing it for what it is.

    Here’s the point: You are free. I am free. That’s a fact. But, If you are free, then no one has a right to take that which is rightfully yours. We call that stealing (Theft). Moreover, If all men are created equal, and indeed posses certain unalienable rights to Life, and Liberty; it stands to reason that they already also must have a “right” to property (both personal and real). For how can a man maintain his life and liberty without property? Property is the means of production and without it, nothing is produced. Moreover, if a man’s personal property (the fruit of his labor) can be taken with impunity (legality under the law) then, again, that man must in fact be a slave. And yet, here are our founder’s quoting and appealing to some sort of “highest law” (a law they insist is based on or discovered by self-evident Truth), which apparently is and has been in place since time immemorial. Our founders insisted that this highest law is self-evident and that it states clearly that ALL men are endowed (not by some common agreement, nor by any edict of a dictator or sovereign, nor by a constitution, nor even by a consensus of the governed) but by their Creator with certain, unalienable, Rights… Rights to both Life and Liberty. (If one does not agree… perhaps one should ask himself: What is it that makes me inherently understand that IF a society comes to the conclusion that “my kind” must be eradicated, that they simply don’t have the right to declare that? Why not? Based on what? Isn’t there something unwritten, some higher law in place that applies to all men, that is there specifically to stop tyranny (in all its forms)? If not, why are we even a country? By what legal basis? Is it our might alone that made us free? If it were, how could you argue with the stronger man who places his boot on your throat? Why was it wrong for the ruling Nazi’s to declare and attempt to eradicate the Jews? Do any suspect is wasn’t? If so, What if it were “their kind”?

    With all that taken into consideration, how then can a supposedly just society insist that a man have no inherent right to place or property? If a man has no right to place, (no land to possess, no means on which to apply his ingenuity and labor) from whence can he mount his offensive to maintain his life and liberty? He is dependent. Not free. He must go and find someone who already has something and enslave himself (in one way shape or form) to that other in order to survive. Right? But then, how is he free? And if he wins his freedom, then it is a privilege earned, not a right endowed. Right?

    Next, if these are true, and a nation can be defined as both a group of people and the land (and resources) that the same people possess and defend; then it also stands to reason that any just nation must make provisions to afford for the rights of the people to be upheld. Otherwise, we are not free citizens but involuntary subjects… aka “slaves.”

    So this, in effect, would call for a mandate for an American Homelands.

    At this point, you might be tempted to think that I am calling for “forced redistribution” (but I am not). Read on. Or, you may be thinking that I am proposing a system that is too far removed from our current system… a system that couldn’t be implemented without revolution. But this isn’t the case either. I am not a collectivist. But I do believe that the most just system is the system that best drives people out of poverty. And I don’t believe you can drive people out of poverty by giving them a handout… only a hand up. I suggest there are just 7 things we need to do to solve nearly all of the problems facing our nation. And, they all hinge on the understanding of that founding principle. Certain, unalienable, Creator endowed, equal, rights… to Life, Liberty, and Property. I submit to you that we have yet to embrace this principle, but that if we would, it would change everything for the better. And the good news is, we already have a standing precedent on each count that already applies to American Citizens.

    I will have to abbreviate some, of course, but here’s the gist:

    We start at the foundation with Step #1. The foundation of the system itself is simple… the premise that we do recognize the rights of men and we don’t allow theft. I like to call the system itself “The Jubilee Solution.” It begins with the understanding of that first founding statement (noted above), and goes on to clarify the reason for governance is to protect the rights of the individual; and which has also been conveniently described for us in the pre-amble to our constitution… “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, and ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…” And finally, it elaborates that the rule of law AND the acts of governance must apply equally to all citizens. What you give to one, you must give to all. And so on. The rest builds on that premise. The point of #1 is this: You have a right to equality under the law and under the acts of governance. Government should not and cannot lawfully create privileged classes.

    Step #2 – We must establish sound money. As you noted above, this is not so difficult, markets will naturally handle this problem. However, if we feel the need for a common currency there are precedents. Once, we were on a silver standard. Once, the dollar was the gold standard. G. Edward Griffin lays out a pretty nice plan for converting at the end of his book “The Creature From Jeckyl Island”. It would work pretty well, especially if we coordinated it with this plan. I have a few ideas to add, but the important thing for step 2 is that we understand that No group or individual can lawfully have a printing press for money. If they do, they can and do effectively steal from every other person in the group… not to mention the fact that it instantly undermines our democratic republic and creates a oligarchic plutocracy. How could we have been so blind? The point of #2 is this: You have a right to not have your money (or the value therein) stolen from you.

    Step #3 – We must establish an American Homelands System. (Some might call this a land Jubilee). We do this to afford for the right to property, and to enfranchise the masses. It will, in one fell swoop, do away with the need for “welfare” and be a better more effective system for resisting the tyranny of monopoly than all the current anti-trust legislation combined. Fortunately, there is a precedent for this as well. It’s called Hawaiian Homelands… but like many of our man-made laws, it currently does not apply equally to all citizens. It should. I would suggest that we set aside 1/10 of all real property in every property taxing authority, and distribute it equally among the population every 21st year. This, in effect, would be our new welfare system. But it would go to all citizens equally. It would reoccur, so as to promote opportunity for our progeny and limit the power of would be land barons. We can do achieve this by conducting a simple auction every 21st year, on a 3 tiered structure, wherein all current citizens are issued an equal amount of “Homeland Bucks”, for the sole purpose of purchasing a land lease on Homelands Property. This property should be zoned mixed or open use so that it provides its occupant with the opportunity to become as self-reliant as they desire. Conveniently, this can and will also solve our immigration problem. We can use the current census program to determine who was here during the last 2 census takings… if you were here (and you kept your nose clean) you are a granted citizenship. If not, not. (There’s more to say on this, but this should suffice for the initiate.) The point is this: You have a right to place. If you are an American, you have a right to a citizen sized portion of America. It’s not a gift… it’s a right. And there’s a difference.

    Step #4 – We must establish a 7 year debt cycle. (Or, some might say, a Debt Jubilee). At the end of every 7th year, all debts are declared null and void. This has the profound effect of turning us away from a credit based nation into a wealth based nation. As a result of #2, our banking industry will have already undergone considerable and obvious changes. Fractional reserve lending will be a risky business (as loans will be forgiven every 7th year). I don’t know about you, but if I am going to make a loan in an economy that has a 7 year debt cycle, I’m going to make sure that the loan is fully collateralized and based on that same cycle. Fortunately, no one should “need” to take on debt in this system, as all will have the benefit of sound (non-inflating) money, all will be enfranchised (thanks to the American Homelands system), and no one will have any long term commitments. Oh yeah, the precedent: Our current Bankruptcy Laws… this is a vast improvement over that. It’s not a free pass to borrow, in fact, it’s just the opposite… No one will end up eating bad debt unless they choose to make a bad loan. And no one should “need” to do that. The point of #4 is this: You have the right to Liberty (freedom). And debt is a form of slavery. Therefor there must be a limit to the term of debt. A system like this relieves all debt slavery in a period of less than 7 years.

    Step #5 – We must stop stealing money from our populous under the guise of legal forced taxation. All taxation, for it to be lawful, must be voluntary. You can’t force a man to give you that which is rightfully his. That’s theft. (I don’t care how good you think your cause is). This can be achieved, using a system that is already in place for the most part, by simply continuing to allow the two main forms of taxation currently taking place at the state level in most states: Namely, sales taxes and voluntary lotteries are reserved to the states. For the localities (i.e. county’s and parishes)… property taxes on the 90% of property that remains “private” (as well as the mineral rights therein). And for the federal gov’t… what’s left? Tariffs on imports. (This will serve to both limit the size and scope of the Federal Government and increase the value of the American work hour.) The precedent: See the status of our economy whenever we were not under the tyranny of fiat currency. (And nearly all others, I’ll add). Plus, our current tax systems. OF course, sales tax currently is forced (as we have no way to be self reliant without land)… and, of course, income taxes are invasive. This is just one reason we need all 7 steps. The point of #5 is this: If you are free, no one can steal that which is rightfully yours. I cannot take your wallet just because I think it is right… nor can I and 10 people take your wallet… nor can I and 300 million. It’s theft and it’s wrong. We need income to manage our governance. There are plenty of ways to get it without enslaving our populous.

    Step #6 – Militias not Militariy. The precedent is fairly obvious. You pointed to it in your comments. See also the verbiage of the 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated militia, being necessary for the common defense, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Support the troops by bringing them home, enfranchising them, forgiving their debts, and offering the opportunity to serve voluntarily in the interest of protecting their own homelands. Offer the same to each citizen. Have annual basic training opportunities where each citizen can learn military tactics, first-aid techniques, and horticulture (which is also critical to national defense). Use the current structure of the National Guard system as the framework… distributing current federal arms (including the nuclear arsenal) equally among the states. Liquidate foreign holdings, etc. The point of #6 is this: You have a right to the common defense. So does your neighbor. That comes with a responsibility as well. However, it’s a free country. Nobody is going to force you. And we will all see to it that this is the case.

    and finally:

    Step #7 – No Government Debt. It’s unfair to saddle our progeny with our problems. There must be a balanced budget or those responsible will be ousted and replaced… and barred from holding public office. If you don’t have it, you can’t spend it. That must be the rule for governance. Besides, everyone is or will be enfranchised, is or will be debt free, and is not being taxed to death. The point to #7 is this: Our children have rights too.

    That’s the system in a nutshell. I’m working on a book that will go into more detail, and I could use some help. If you’d like more detail, or you have something to offer, feel free to contact me directly.


    • I just quickly approved your piece to get it on the site without yet carefully reading or analyzing it. I will do so when I get a chance and I’m sure I’ll have some comments. Like I said in my piece, I intended it to get a discussion going, and thanks for taking up that gauntlet.


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