The Last, Best Hope, by Robert Gore

It’s time for a Trump counteroffensive, but the window won’t be open for long.

Donald Trump’s candidacy posed problems for the government and its string-pullers. It repudiated their rule and vision, especially their foreign policy. Trump threatened a bipartisan consensus based on US global dominance and interventionism they had championed since World War II. He proposed improving relations with Russia and questioned the orthodoxy that had embroiled the US in conflicts across the Middle East and Northern Africa. Perpetual conflict has been the fountainhead for the Deep State’s funding and steady accretion of power.

Trump also posed a more immediate threat. As president, he would have access to troves of information, some of which could reveal skeletons in the establishment’s closet. His Attorney General would have the power to investigate and prosecute. Those dangers may well have been the primary cause of establishment hostility.

However, the powers that be didn’t expect Trump’s victory, one reason their response has been so weak. The FBI, NSA, CIA and the other agencies considered part of the intelligence community (IC), operate in the dark, away from journalistic, public, and political scrutiny. To mount its offensive against Trump, the IC had to emerge from the shadows.

The kind of lies used through the years to preserve “plausible deniability” and deflect potential oversight and investigation have proven too flimsy to stand up to serious scrutiny. Skepticism, probing questions, and debunking did not come from the mainstream media, a reliable Deep State ally, but from the alternative media and Trump’s supporters.

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know the IC has unlimited access to communications and computer networks. The IC or its corporate partners store these information streams. Before he left office, Barack Obama signed an executive order making it easier for the IC to share this data amongst its agencies. Yet with all this information and potential collaboration, after over a year of allegations and investigations, the IC has produced nothing to substantiate its claim of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the election.

As if to highlight this lack of hard evidence, on January 6 of this year an Intelligence Community Assessment, commissioned by Obama, was released purporting to be the consensus view of all 17 US intelligence agencies. It wasn’t, it was the views of a small group of “hand-picked” (phrase used by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper) analysts from the CIA, FBI, and NSA. The 25-page report had neither direct evidence nor proof, only an assessment, “based on collected information, which is often incomplete or fragmentary, as well as logic, argumentation, and precedents.” (The quote is from the assessment.)

Not only was the information “incomplete or fragmentary,” some of it was pure fiction, emanating from Fusion GPS’s Trump Dossier, much of which has been subsequently discredited. That dossier, an attempt to generate “dirt” on Trump, his campaign, and their connections to Russia, was funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. In retrospect, that the three agencies would use unverified information from a compromised source as one of the primary bases of its assessment sent a clear message: we’ve got nothing.

Wikileaks obtained and disseminated over 40,000 DNC emails starting July 22, 2016. Many of the emails embarrassed the DNC and Hillary Clinton. It was alleged that Russia had hacked the emails and given them to Wikileaks. It was that allegation that got the ball rolling on the Russian influence story.

It was only a year later that the Veteran Intelligence for Sanity (VIPS) challenged the technical basis for the hacking claim. Forensically examining metadata from the intrusion into the DNC server, the VIPS concluded that the emails could not have been remotely hacked. The DNC data was copied at a speed far exceeding the internet’s capability. It had to have been downloaded on site to an external storage device by someone with physical access to the DNC server. That conclusion has mostly been ignored by the mainstream media but has not been challenged. It completely undermines the Russian hacking allegation, the wellspring of “Russiagate.”

As one Russian influence story wanes, two others wax. The 2010 Uranium One sale to a subsidiary of Russian company Rosatom reeks of impropriety on the part of Russian operatives, Uranium One, the Clintons, the FBI, the Attorney General at the time, Eric Holder, and the Justice Department (see “The Rout Is On,” SLL).

The Fusion GPS Trump Dossier appears to be a grab bag of unsubstantiated allegations compiled by former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele. He claims they came from contacts developed when he was head of the Russia desk at MI6, British intelligence. (see “How Obama and Hillary Clinton Weaponized the ‘Dossier‘”) Whether they did or not, none of the allegations have been proven true and some have been disproved. The “information” may have actually been Russian disinformation, or lies.

A thread running through these stories is IC involvement and culpability, particularly the FBI. Robert Mueller headed the FBI during the Russian nuclear investigation, which began in 2008. The results of the bureau’s investigation was either not made available to the foreign investment committee or was ignored and the Uranium One sale went through.

Mueller protegé and friend James Comey, former head of the FBI, relied on the Trump dossier to justify extensive investigation and surveillance of Trump’s team before and after the election. He has admitted that it was, in part, the basis of the IC’s January 2017 assessment, although Director of National Intelligence James Clapper issued a statement shortly after it was released stating that the IC had made no determination of its reliability.

Comey’s behavior is part of a larger pattern: he consistently acted to further the political aims of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Well before the FBI had interviewed several key witness in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, including Clinton, he began drafting a statement exonerating her. During the investigation, the FBI gave immunity to key Clinton aides and did not require them to turn over their computers.

After Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s July 27, 2016 meeting on the Phoenix airport tarmac, the FBI was unconcerned with whether or not anything improper had transpired, but was quite concerned with who leaked the meeting to the press. Nine days later, Comey announced his decision not to charge Clinton. The FBI has stonewalled a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act request for documents pertaining to that meeting since July of last year. Those documents have now surfaced and reveal the FBI’s investigative focus.

When the DNC claimed that it had been hacked, it denied the FBI access to its computer servers. Despite not having conducting its own investigation of the servers, the FBI and the rest of the IC accepted the conclusion of cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike Inc., hired by the DNC, that the servers had been hacked by two separate hacker groups employed by the Russian government. CrowdStrike was founded by “Russian-born Dmitri Alperovitch, a senior fellow at the NATO-funded, intensely Russophobic Atlantic Council.” Its work was subsequently discredited.

Comey is not the only one who was or remains in the FBI’s upper echelon who have demonstrated clear conflicts of interest. Agent Peter Strzok, changed the description of Clinton’s behavior in Comey’s email exoneration from “grossly negligent,” which carries criminal liability, to “extremely careless,” which does not. He was demoted for anti-Trump text messages to his mistress, also an FBI employee. The FBI, Justice Department, and Robert Mueller were aware of the texts for months and deliberately withheld them from Congress.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was involved with the Clinton email investigation. His wife ran for the Virginia state senate and received $700,000 in campaign contributions from political groups aligned with Clinton and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. Comey was briefed on those ties and despite the obvious conflict of interest, did nothing.

Robert Mueller’s team is also compromised. Mr. Mueller’s deputy, Andrew Weissmann, was the FBI’s lead on the Trump probe. Many of his attorneys come from Obama’s Department of Justice. Nine of the fifteen publicly identified attorneys are Democratic donors, and several donated to the Clinton campaign in 2016.

Attorney Jeannie Rhee defended the Clinton Foundation against racketeering charges, and represented Clinton personally in the email investigation. Attorney Aaron Zebley represent Justin Cooper, a Clinton aide who helped manager her private server. Weissman emailed former acting Attorney General Sally Yates he was “proud and in awe” of her for her defiance against Trump’s travel ban.

As Kimberley A. Strassel noted in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece: “The question isn’t whether these people are legally allowed (under the Hatch Act) to investigate Mr. Trump—as the left keeps insisting. The question is whether a team of declared Democrats is capable of impartially investigating a Republican president.” (“Obstruction of Congress,” WSJ, 12/8/17)

Michael Flynn’s guilty plea for relatively trivial infractions—which he could and should have avoided simply by saying he didn’t remember what he said—and Hillary Clinton’s exoneration demonstrate a gaping difference in legal standards and rigor of investigation between the FBI’s efforts directed against the Trump and Clinton camps. Flynn’s plea, and the charges lodged against Paul Manafort and two campaign aides, are all, so far, that Robert Mueller has to show for his investigation into Russian collusion with Trump and team during the election.

Flynn’s crimes occurred after the election. Manafort, Trump’s campaign chief for two months, was charged with money laundering, not Russian collusion. The closest Mueller has gotten to anything suggesting such collusion is a guilty plea from George Papadopoulos—a tangential figure in the Trump campaign—to lying to the FBI about contacts with intermediaries purportedly linked to Russian intelligence services.

It’s time for a Trump counteroffensive, but the window won’t be open for long. His lawyers need to compile an extensive brief, detailing all of these damning details and developments. The executive summary would be the case Trump makes to the public. Due to political bias, the FBI’s investigations of Clinton’s emails and the charges of Russian influence have been irretrievably compromised. The bias extends to Robert Mueller’s team of investigators. Mueller never should have been appointed; he was already compromised by the Uranium One matter. Mueller, the FBI, and Obama holdovers in the Justice Department have repeatedly stonewalled and subverted legitimate congressional requests for documents and testimony.

As the Wall Street Journal editorial board has suggested, Mueller should resign. If he doesn’t, Trump should fire him. He should be replaced with someone who has none of the taint that permeates the present investigations. The successor’s investigation should be confined to Mueller’s original mission: investigating alleged Russian collusion with Trump and his team to influence to 2016 election. If, as is likely, nothing is found within six months, wind up the investigation.

Incoming FBI director Christopher Wray must conduct a thorough house-cleaning and refer findings of possible criminal behavior to the Justice Department. The Justice Department itself needs a thorough housecleaning. After which, investigations should be opened or reopened into: Hillary Clinton’s emails, the Clinton Foundation, Uranium One, Fusion GPS, how WikiLeaks obtained the emails it disseminated, and finally, and most importantly, the FBI, rest of the IC, DNC, Hillary Clinton, and Obama administration’s attempt to nullify a presidential election.

This represents the last, best hope to confront and thwart the Deep State. Trump’s performance as president hasn’t been the disaster many predicted, and he’s repeatedly outmaneuvered his opponents. He’s got the winds of a decent economy and strong stock market at his back. If he doesn’t take the initiative while the Deep State is bleeding from its self-inflicted wounds, the opportunity will vanish. If it does, the Deep State will ensure that no unvetted candidate ever gets near the White House again. Its plunder and destruction of the United States will proceed, renewed and unhindered…until its work is done.

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19 responses to “The Last, Best Hope, by Robert Gore

  1. The paradox, another day in Pandora’s Box which is US, yet it is all Greek to me, or perhaps just a myth. A story told bold and sold it to US. As you may know, all the evils of the world escaped when she opened the BOX, or JAR as it we’re and the only thing left inside was Hope and Climate Change. And of course, I feel your pain that is the lie sold bold by the Kings of America the social just US.
    Anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion. So what should I say? I say this as the Supremes discuss the baker of cakes. It appears to me them have nothing better to do, except to tell US, let them eat cake. Then the marketers celebrates black Friday before a White Christmas with upside down trees as our lawyers makers fake law and media felt up each other in an inappropriate way, touched by the mental illness of the politics the tick me off. Merry Christmas to all and too all a good night cap punched drunk.
    As is, the Kool Aide. Somebody spiked the punch with a massive dose of stupid. Looky here, all that appears is not normal, in fact far from it. So my question is, is it because an egotistical bitch did not win an election? The short answer is NO! That is only the symptom of the larger flesh eating disease. The easier parts to identify are the actor we see on the world stage and I might add poor performers that don’t sing and dance so well and keep repeating the same line over and over and over again poorly. But those are not the players in the real ego-geo-political of UN sportsman like conduct served up for public view. However entertaining there is more fiction than fractional reserve banking and you can bake a cake for that with a file in it. The file may come in handy for some. The someone that goes down that is the fall guys or gals that takes one for the team. Falling on them swords, so to say, so, the play can continue behind the curtain.
    The really funny part is, it is not about money. Nope, because them have all of it, money is only a tool used to control the reset button of the ego-political. The tell, was the Reset button with the Russians, isn’t that right Billary? And tools wear out and need to be exchanged for the better newer technologies, need I say digital. Bit-con when the plug is pulled, what happens?
    But WE the people need to go back a little further to really get the picture, or world view as to what is really going on and the not so obviously is the second verse and third and forth are the same as the very first, same old song different verse, yet same as the first. So, let US pick up the story at the Russian Revolution. But first a little credit where credit is due to the Saker for insight of a communist apologist, thank you, and it will work the next time, or if not the next time. The story goes like this criminal Communist good, criminal Capitalism bad. The bit of insight is that communist are not really communist. It is who controls the means of production, isn’t it? So, the natural progression to marry the two, which are both criminal but, it pays pretty well. That meaning pretty much the same old song and dance of who is in control dressed up in different costumes and a different spin on the theology, with technology. Communism good, Capitalism bad! Truth of the matter is, we have neither anywhere, just the criminals.
    Europe never was free, it was always ruled by Kings and Queens as was most of the rest of the world back to the beginning of time and the idealism of communism caught on by all the little people that struggled to be oppressed, because of that, some escaped to the new world, of course to continue the same old song and dance. Others to pursue the myth of freedom The little people being mostly serfs, pawns, slaves and indentured servant, freedom was a myth and so the story both sold well. Yes free to be the collective, where everybody shares equally, sort of, in a miserable kind of way. The story told and sold by the educated that really had no means of production and relied on mostly the previous Monarchy to provide them sustenance for their studies. So, they created a new means of sustenance, the working class to pay for their intellect and endeavors in bird cage liners, Das Kapital! Mostly because it was the only thing they could afford to buy, I mean other than the Christian Church that pretty much catered to the Kings and Queens, the Royal blue bloods right to rule and so goes the church, while the little people were taught the fear of god, which was them the rulers. Ever wonder why so many denomination of the same religion? I suppose not. The Communist offered them the right to be ruled by mere mortal men with hammer and cycles and iron fisted grip on their collective and means of production and too the equal share of the misery while the rulers were being miserly. It would seem religion only confuses the issues of total control grip of iron fist. And the proof of that is, Hitler bad and Stalin Good! And Churchill, in the long run lost. In the good old USA the communist got a good foot hold with WWI and Great Depression of Woody Wilson and the only thing that got the country back to work was WWII where the Communist worked their ways in the State Department, too a Hissy fit.
    Previously the rulers were selected by blood line and the new communist had a little different take on blood lines, it would seem, like off with their heads, which was not much different than the previous rulers. You see, someone forgot to tell the communist, the little people, that the party leaders were now the new Monarchy. Same song different verse, new players, playing the rulers same old serfs, pawns slaves and indentured servants now educated in the ways of the collective. Same thing happened in China and various other countries in South America and Africa where people were used to being ruled over, proof that idiot are useful which are the world workers, the party. I hope that did not offend anybody in the collective.
    Which bring US to Ho Chi Min good, Americans bad! Isn’t that right Jane? I mean other than South Korea and Japan where the US invested heavily in capitalism being somewhat free with nukes aimed at them. Outposts in the wilderness in a sea of Reds, yet never lost the rule of the Emperor, only now they get a vote, which is the bone of contention that counts, or who counts.
    So, now you can take all this happy horse shit about colonialism, but rape, plunder and pillage that the Americans do so well and stick it where the sun don’t shine because that is the same old song and dance that the rest of the world had played and had been doing from the beginning of time and too the victors goes the spoils of war. Let’s talk about Communism, shall we? WE will get to the exceptional-ism of the US here in sec., but first the set up for the U rope a dope was the U rope a dopes Union. The first clue is union, the second is open borders and the third is currency. In other words take over the currency, open the borders and rule by all powerful central government. That of course let in the invasion forces and we see happening NOW! It is not really communism, it is rule by fools with vision of dictatorship.
    The US is pretty much the only country in the world that was not ruled by Kings and Queen after our revolution and you can take your democracy and stick that where the sun don’t shine too, because that is MOB RULE and they knew better, or who rules the mob to infect elections, as Joey said way back when the revolution was happening in Russia, the rule is who counts the votes, isn’t that right Billary and Berry and Billy?
    The reason why Americans did so well early on to become the exception to the world is because there was a very limited government and no Kings and Queens. The simple fact is government did not create the Industrial Revolution. Americans did it in spite of Governments. But that all changed with Woody Wilson’s Socialism and Capital corruption of the income tax and Federal Reserve. The money powered now became the new world Kings and Queens that controlled the government with bought and paid for politicians, jesters of the royal court, like the Supremes. Fact of the matter is, if we had the kind of government we have now back then, there would not have been an industrial revolution, I AM pretty sure of that!
    Then the example of Canada and Mexico being little more than the continuation of the U rope a dope of European Queen and Spanish Inquisition tool of government church and so much faith based of the free dumbs. The US on the other hand having the only opportunity in the world as something different, rule by law, not men. And now you know why white men are thought so little of these days of wonder woman. But, the freedoms soon fell to the free dumbs like our neighbors mostly because of the political divides which really got rolling down hill about the time of Woody Wilson and never looked back. However, an interesting point was the true test, the wild, Wild West, pretty much no government at all and managed to build something truly unique to the world by true grit and individual endeavors and of course free land, until the railroad mostly not built by government, but traded slaves anyhow changed by the long arm of the law. By that I mean cheap labor. Not until the Federal Reserve come along did we government become little thief dumbs, somewhat like Kings and Queens.
    Before I continue, understand there is a difference between a union and being united in common cause. Collective bargaining somewhat like a democracy where the union boss somewhat controls the mob and takes a substantial cut of their wages, almost like an income tax that it is, yet use for political purpose that the rank and file worker have little say in, or about the collective, I mean other than bargain themselves out of a job. Being united like an Army is completed different, you are told to do something and you do it regardless of the bargain, you do what you are told, there is no democracy and that is supposed to be that way, yet being married is like a union too and being united, you don’t get a say, you just get to be united and do what you are told. The European Union would never work speaking that many languages and English is only a small part of it and they are certainly not united and both WW 1 and 2 prove it. Now we have peace talks in Paris about climate change, doomed and dumbed down from the beginning. I say split it up and let’s get back to war with each other. Maybe that way they stop the invasion and governments intrusions.
    As far as the United States are concerned the only thing that set US apart from the rest of the world is after the war for Independence, we kept out guns and improved on them. Not so much elsewhere, the first thing done was confiscation. The second Amendment is about war, if the vote doesn’t work and we have home field advantage and the ability to shoot back. Now the question here is as other places who count the vote, even that is questionable accounting. The example in the Peoples Republic of North Korea, as is most communist countries, they all vote for the same guy or get dead, see how that works and no means to shoot back? Aside from a fictional Red Dawn event no other country is going to invade US except from within, hence the invasion. And that is going on right now. That is because the political parties have a union and are ruining the once somewhat United States, the Republic. They throw around the word democracy and nobody knows what it means, or what they really intend to do. On the surface it looks like incompetence but, the underlying process look a lot like the prelude to Communism, Socialism. Keep in mind the leaders of the communist are not communists, they are dictators and the only one to do well are the party member. The new world order is really about a one would be King, or Queen elected by as you may have guessed, not you and the vote will be, the people have spoken, even if they didn’t. Somewhat like the gambling casino, the house never loses.
    I could go on to list all the failures of the FED Gov., like education and the reason we import people to do science and math and computer software jobs is because of our failed educational system. The reason why Americans won’t do farm work is because welfare pays a lot more for doing nothing. The reason to import farm workers is because they vote. And then the war on poverty and drugs and all the rest that never end to now include white men, busy work create to keep the bees busy and confused as to why the war never ends. Only recently the new blood pressure numbers were lowered to a point that of a twenty year old female is put a lot of truck drivers out of a job and or on drugs which are mostly white men high Blood Pressure, me too to the point of boiling. Or perhaps the constant gun grabbers and now censorship of the internet while network TV is allowed pretty much shovel gay crap and diversity poke in your eye every time you turn it on. Then the constant advertisement for this and that marketing gimmick to sell drugs you should ask your doctor about, while the ambulance chaser lawyers tell us about bad drugs that kill people for their meal ticket. No, we need to ban all drug commercials and ambulance chaser from TV! All of that is only meant to confuse you and it is by design. z
    A simple question may be, what happened to all the powerful people that previously ruled that were on the wrong side of the revolution? The short answer is, they went to a better place and they were no longer in power. The most obvious are the French and Russian revolution, people got dead in all kinds of ways to be mean to them. Then the new ruler take over and things most often only got better for the new rulers and not many others of the serfs, slaves, pawn, and indentured servants, however now we have a new classification, the middle class and main street maimed and of course the chronically brain damaged of the government indoctrination camp prison of public education. Most often these revolutions resulted in some sort of Socialist and or Communist kind of government, with the exception of the US at least until now. Now that we have a permanent ruling class all bets are off and the order of the new world will change to be pretty much like all the rest the collective ruled by the dictators. Right here in the good old USA. All for one and all for one for King of the world to rule the collective, see how that works when everybody votes for the same guy or gal, or else? And then of course we need one world Police to keep everyone else in line and toe the party line. Pretty much like what caused the American Revolution when the King of England ruled the new world, I mean except for the French giving US French fries and Statue of Liberty and Spanish giving US Spanish Rice and His Panic of socialism due to their own revolution of fractional governments, reign of terror and all that, we pretty much had not Kings and Queens to behead, or had by. Here the people had teeth, which were guns.
    Before I continue a short story about the world worker party, mostly union but all. I had the opportunity to do work for computer chip maker, not a small company, but big enough, employing several hundred people. The plant manager took us on a tour of the facility, during which I ask the question, “ how many people work here?” To which the plant manager, responded, “about half.” He smiled as he said that. Not to embellish too much, yet it begs the question, what do the other half do? Nothing was the reply. But that was only the tip of the ice berg. The brandy new spanking clean building had issues as machinery was placed and building built around it, something about design built in there some where, so there was no way to get it out in case routine maintenance and or repairs presented a challenge to say the least with considerable cost increase to do so, that ain’t all bad, but annoying. In this case is seem the Architects and Engineers didn’t talk to each other much with the result of more complications than need be of just about everything mechanical. I could list all the issue but, I won’t because it would take a couple of hundred pages. Still it functioned to some degree and seemed to make money as intended, yet if it had been done right in the first place could have made more, also assuming some incentive to the other half of the work force to work. That reminded me of the known facts of business, more often than not, are not very efficient because penny pinchers cutting corners for cost savings, marketing people overstating the products while increasing prices, mostly to pay for poor performance and the people that actually make the products don’t give shit, as long as they get a pay check!
    There we can draw some similarities between the workers of manufacturing and the workers of the politics by at least half, possibly more, they don’t give shit as longs as they get a pay check, it is just a job. In business, unless it, the employee happens to be a relative, poor performance means, you are fired. Yet in government you get a pay raise and moved up the proverbial ladder to the Peter Principle or level of incompetence whichever comes first and nice retirement plan. R
    To say Abusiveness of business is more efficient that government is to say the least, yet if a business fails, it goes bankrupt and can start all over again and just maybe will work the next time around if it goes that far. And if it does well then is subject to the hostile takeover, discharge their Lie Abilities and other sorts of mergers and acquisitions to remove the competition is usually the way it works. Not all but some still remember the product and services they provide are purchased by people, which are their customers, the rule is, no customers, no business, no money, it is that simple. Unlike business, governments that don’t give a shit about their customers, businesses try to keep customer. At some point government will realize their customer don’t buy their product, which is mostly bullshit!
    To be continued now. One world order is on its way brought to you by the United Notions of mostly Communist Nations. In other words the progress, which is the climate change and socialist Just US, is just US. That meaning WE, as in US have put a ever so temporary damper on the progress. Once WE are overthrown by the Thrown of the one world government folks, or another “F” word if you prefer works just as well are the crown jewel in the progressive, need I say communist crown. What once used as in idiots be 25% of the world economy now reduces to a steaming pile of crap, yet still has plenty of open land (mostly owned by the government, or soon will be) probably the cleanest waters in the world, no thanks to the EPA, agriculture of massive production, minerals of desire, infrastructure of rail and roads, and the technological wonders envy of the world that they, which of course will take at will with a little help from the new voter, as will be the people of America have spoken and bow down to the new leaders from across the seas. Doesn’t that sound like funds? And if the new voters don’t pull it off, them always have the little fat boy ill conceived, or at least blame it on him Kim. The UN, not Kim is just another bad actor on the world stage. The real money powers on either side of the Atlantic are still lunatics and will do the dastardly deed, as we have already been purchase. It is just a matter of the right time to take possession of US.
    So, the new American dream will not be a nice little Mc Mansion on the cull de sacked with little picket fence with razor wire, puffed up daddy body guards with full auto, triple extra special security system and safe room, three foreign car garage, two pimply faced teenager with trophy wife to go along with title of the Kings King dummies, duke of oil, in the gated community secured by motions sensors and thermal imaging, high frequency sonic deterrent, has well minute man drones patrolling the considerable radius air space with laser accuracy. Nope! None of that, that will never be, the new American Dream will be revenge on them and you can hunker in your bunker till you die, because you will not see the sun shine again sunshine! Ya, wanna know why that won’t work. OK I will tell. The simple answer is to just pull you plug, ooops, no power for you. And if something should happen to you intake and exhaust vent, ooops, no air for you. It is pretty much that simple. Then we can move onto water, possibly microbial?
    As stated earlier, money is a tool, it is not power, however, it can buy power and that has been time tested. The test is not who can assemble the biggest army always but, who may have the greater will. At some point the realization all that is going on is not just by US. Therefore, as again stated previously, all the world is a stage and the spectators are not the actors, yet cheer on the gladiators in the battle pretty much to the death of US. Most recently, just the idea to move the US embassy in Israel has sparked the new DAYS OF RAGE and where have we heard this before? As you may have guessed our own little terrorist Billy, 1969 Chicago Days of Rage, the climate change of weathermen, the little communist. The tell, words cannot escape me, he is tipping his hand yet again with international flavor. And if you watch the O man, he thinks he can be leader of the feeble new one world order, the goof?
    What to do about all of this that is US? The first conclusion to come to grips with is there is no political solution, if there was it would have been done by now. Such is the case with the Middle East, there is no two state solutions and even if there was it would still be a constant battle. How long have the battle been going on, pretty much back to 1947 when it started to now never ending. Any relationship to the war on drug and poverty that continue to today as well new ones that have no happy ending, no victory. Korea, Vietnam and all the rest no real resolution, no victory, no win, due to the politics of it the peace accord, which never happens, still raw nerves. Lots of blood and guts to be sure, yet who really wins, the politicians? Our blood and their guts, I would say we put a stop to that, that which is the politics of war from an arm chair politician spectator’s scoreboard which is the body count. Another great example is the witch hunt in DC, the problem being which witch to hunt, which is right under their collective upturned noses. Keep an eye on the government owned installation and NG zones or better yet own them.
    Long story short, Nazi bad, Stalin good and Americans bad, Mao good and Capitalism bad, communism good, got it? The rest of the story, Stalin and Mao body count were a big bunch bigger than Adolf’s, yet Adolf is the only bad guy. Now we are to believe the neo capitalist communist is something new and improved kind of dictatorship for the new one world order and police state? Don’t buy it because it is all about the stuff that money cannot buy and government cannot grant and they know it, so them intend to take it. That would be US. Unfortunately, some of US, that are not really US can be bought off fairly easily, for a few pieces of silver, or perhaps gold futures. Who needs standards anyhow? And if you are concerned about false flags, guess what? That just means you are not ready to go. So, here is a clue, we do not have to declare our independence, we already have. The problem is to keep it, if you can. No amount of protest or votes is going to keep it, going to have to run the play right up the middle and divide them. Their game plan is economic and of course the quiet invasion, DACA Shane. Any tank drivers out there? How about tank killers? That is the real 2A.
    No BS today. I could use some incoming, as in employment, or perhaps deployment. Not much of a resume, I AM no body and no nothing, but I know a lot about that. But I play a pretty mean game of chess on the computer, because there is an undo, no so much in life, however.


    • Yes. Very well said.


      • Thank you.


        • What do you think of Joe X, his reply? Very long but he hits on so many targets.
          On your essay, i agree and can relate to much of it.
          On the basis of Spiritual warfare i am opposed to:
          “However, the powers that be didn’t expect Trump’s victory, one reason their response has been so weak.”
          As far as people go, they were foolish if they underestimated the greed and pride of the american people, for this is what Trump appealed to and why he was elected. i saw it coming a mile away.
          The “powers that be” seem to know exactly who the victors are. and the victors are not necessarily victors in the endgame.
          again, thanks Robert for sights such as yours.


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  5. Robert–
    Two things.
    1. in paragraph 19, the word ‘attorneys’ does not want an apostrophe.
    2. my sense is that Mueller left in place, floundering among trivial findings, is more useful as an icon of futility, than Mueller fired to become a martyr of the deep state.
    Other than that, the whole of your essay is a skillful, concise memorandum of mendacity and malfeasance.

    Thanks again.


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  7. is my first comment being moderated??


  8. Trump is with the Establishment After all | Liberty Under Fire
    By Harold Pease, Ph. D
    I am so sorry to have to report that Trump is with the establishment after all. What I share below may be evidence of one of the biggest con games on the American people in decades. The anger against the establishment is real and voting in virtually every state whether for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders clearly demonstrates that a revolution from the establishment is under way. But what if one of the biggest leaders of this revolution against is, in fact, an establishment candidate? Remember, it is the establishment’s press that says Trump is non-establishment and has given him many times more press than anyone else.
    Trump skirted the question as to who would be his key advisers as president once before by saying that he would select the best minds. In the March 3rd Presidential Debate he was asked by Chris Wallace, “Who are the best people?” “Can you reveal two or three names for national security?” Trump answered, “I think Richard Haas is excellent.” “I have a lot of respect for him.” “General Kane is excellent.” “I like Colonel Jacobs very much.” “I see him.” “I know him.”

    Richard Haass is in his thirteenth year as president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He is also a member of the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission, two other groups long accused of working for globalization (code for world government). No one in America is more establishment than he and his organization, and he is the first name on the lips of Donald Trump as an advisor. The CFR has been the most powerful special interest group in the media and politics for the last 90 years. It is the establishment!
    Ironically Richard Haass is the same advisor to Hillary Clinton who, while Secretary of State speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations, then dedicating a branch CFR sub-center in Washington D. C., said. “Thank you very much Richard. I am delighted to be at these new headquarters. I have been often to the mother ship in New York City but it is good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council so this will mean that I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”
    Notice that she was on a first name basis with Richard Haass and admits having been guided over the years by him. More recently she has addressed the CFR in New York City on January 19, 2015, and November 19, 2015. Hillary is also a Bilderberger as is Bill Clinton but he adds the Trilateral Commission to his list of globalist organizations. Daughter Chelsea is also CFR.

    General Kane, presumably retired Major General Robert C. Kane, Trump’s second named advisor, has considerable Iraqi War experience and as such should be a strong source of advice. He is not presently listed on the CFR membership list but could be among many, including Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, whom have a warm relationship with the “mother ship” of the establishment without published membership.

    Colonel Jacobs, presumably Colonel Jack Howard Jacobs, now retired, recipient of the Medal of Honor for bravery in the Vietnam War, was Trump’s third identified source of advisement. He currently serves as a military analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. Jack H. Jacobs, is a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member.

    For those unacquainted with the nearly 100 year old Council on Foreign Relations centered in New York City, it has provided virtually all our Secretaries of State, UN ambassadors, ambassadors to Russia and China and at least a third of all cabinet members of all presidents, whether Democrat or Republican, since its inception in 1921. The establishment press is largely their press. The CFR has never denied this influence and, in fact, boast of it.


  9. Part 2
    Longtime CFR chairman, and now chairman emeritus of the organization, David Rockefeller, in his 2002 book, Memoirs, admitted. “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum… attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

    As indicated in other recent columns the establishment Republican choices of Chris Christie, then Jeb Bush, then Marco Rubio (all rejected by the voters) were whom they much preferred. To them Trump is a “bull in a china closet,” but still a deal maker, a compromiser that will listen to them. The Trump list of three to advise him, two of whom are CFR members, one the CFR Chairman, reveals that if he is elected they remain in charge and the American voter, totally betrayed, will believe that the establishment has been eliminated from control over the process. Ted Cruz who calls them a “pit of vipers” is totally unacceptable to them and thus is the only Republican choice left that removes them from power.


  10. I would not be surprised if Joe’s posts are computer-generated. I’ve counted the words in the last 3 lengthy word salads he placed on another blog which often links to this site, and each has run well over 4,000 words. If JoeX is not a troll he’s a good imitation of one.
    Thank you for your contributions, Robert.


    • a Troll in what way? To me it seems like a fairly well compiled chain of events. causes and effects.
      Even though i do not think much of his solution to these events. “Any tank drivers out there? How about tank killers? That is the real 2A.”
      That said, i do agree with this statement:
      “No amount of protest or votes is going to keep it, going to have to run the play right up the middle and divide them.
      Now this is straight up ‘Art of Warfare. It does and will not take guns to do this, Truth is the greatest divider.


      • First, it is simply bad manners to post a 4400- to 4800-word (in previous posts) screed as a comment. Doing it repetitively makes me suspicious he’s either trying to stir up trouble, crazy, or narcissistic. Second, it’s bad manners to post in a rambling way. Re-read his opening 2 sentences, for example. They sound like whatever came into his head, if this was written by a human, went onto the page. He/It (“it” being the sentence generator I suspect) had some statements that I agree with too, in the midst of the other random gibberish. He/it gets no credit for that from me.
        One of the goals of a troll is to get regular commenters tied in knots arguing with each other. I’m not complaining about your answering my comment, just putting that out there. I’ll check later to see if you replied to this, but in the spirit of avoiding giving “Joe” any more of my time, this is my final comment.


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