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November 1992: The Hinge of History, by James Carden

The Ukraine-Russia war began in the 1990s. From James Carden at usrussiaaccord.com:

Bill Clinton’s wholesale rejection of his predecessor’s Russia policy laid the groundwork for the current crisis between Russia and the West.

Understanding the history behind US policy toward Russia since the end of the Cold War has taken on renewed urgency in light of current events. As of this writing, the war in Ukraine, begun on February 24, 2022 has taken the lives of tens of thousands of people and has displaced million others in the largest wave of refugees on the European continent since the end of the Second World War. An understanding of how we arrived at this perilous moment takes on an even greater urgency in light of the real, if distant, possibility of nuclear war. International relations experts, including the realist scholar John J. Mearsheimer and the former US ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack Matlock (1987-1991) agree that today’s crisis surpasses the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis in its potential to bring the world to the brink of nuclear catastrophe.  

A review of American policy towards Russia in the immediate post-Soviet decade of the 1990s suggests that things didn’t have to be this way: Specific American policy choices (made with the acquiescence of America’s NATO allies in Europe) pursued over the course of that decade have led us to where we are today.

What we will find is that American policy wasn’t always marked by the hubris that later became its hallmark. In the years following the end of the Cold War (which Matlock has convincingly argued Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev ended in his address on December 7, 1988 before the UN General Assembly) the US had an opportunity to pursue a policy towards Russia that was both magnanimous and prudential. 

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Family Of Latest Clinton-Linked Suicide Blocks Release Of Shotgun Death Details, by Tyler Durden

How about that, a man linked to both Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a strange and unusual way. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

The family of yet another dead Clinton pal has petitioned a judge to prevent pictures of Mark Middleton from being released under a Freedom of Information Act. And while there’s been no response from the court, a local Arkansas sheriff is interpreting the request itself as a full-stop on information requests, according to the Daily Mail.

All we know thus far is that the 59-year-old Middleton – who admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House seven out of at least 17 times – was discovered on May 7 hanging from a tree at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville by an electrical cord, with a shotgun blast to his chest. The ranch, located 30 miles from Middleton’s home, is owned by an anti-poverty nonprofit called Heifer International.

The seemingly redundant ‘suicide’ methods used by the married father of two, or whoever killed him, will remain a mystery, for now.

The investigation is still open. I can’t say anything more,” Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery told the Mail, adding that the family said he was “depressed.”

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Bill Clinton Tests Positive For COVID, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, HIV, Herpes (Continued)

From The Babylon Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In breaking news today, the Clintons confirmed that Hillary Clinton has tested positive for COVID-19, while Bill Clinton has tested positive for COVID-19, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, hepatitis F-Z, HIV, herpes, HPV, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, chancroid, mycoplasma genitalium, crabs, scabies, E. coli, the common cold, chickenpox, giardiasis, infectious mononucleosis, COVID-20, Epsteinorrhea, the Spanish flu, the American flu, the Thai flu, rubella, mono, shingles, genital warts, HSV, NIV, giardiasis, amebiasis, vaginal candidiasis (somehow), and being in close proximity to Hillary Clinton—an often-fatal condition.

Thoughts and prayers, Bill!


Germany’s Spiegel Asks “Is Vladimir Putin Right?” Over NATO Expansion, by Tyler Durden

When you’re dealing with American politicians and bureaucrats you’d better get it in writing, and even then they may try to cheat you. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

With all eyes on the situation unfolding at the Ukraine border – as separatists in Donbas reporting intensified shelling amid a “general mobilization” of military-age males – Germany’s left-leaning Spiegel asks a question fundamental to the entire conflict…

“Vladimir Putin insists that the West cheated Russia by expanding NATO eastward following the end of the Cold War. Is there anything to his claims? The short answer: It’s complicated.

The essence of the argument is this; In September 1993, Russian President Boris Yeltsin penned a long letter to US President Bill Clinton, which railed against the eastward expansion of NATO at a time when Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic were interested in joining the organization. Yeltsin argued that the Russian public saw this “as a sort of neo-isolation” of Russia, and that the “Two Plus Four Treaty” linked to Germany’s 1990 reunification “precludes the option of expanding the NATO zone into the East.”

As Spiegel writes, “There is essentially no other historical issue that has poisoned relations between Moscow and the West as much in the last three decades as the disagreement over what, precisely, was agreed to in 1990.”

Since the 1990 letter, NATO has accepted 14 countries in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, which the Kremlin has complained of haaving been duped every step of the way.”

According to current Russian President Vladimir Putin, “You cheated us shamelessly.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Begins With New Judge Billslav Clintonovich Presiding

From The Babylon Bee:

NEW YORK, NY—After the Ghislaine Maxwell trial began in Manhattan, the judge chosen for the trial disappeared under mysterious circumstances. In his place, a brand new judge named Billslav Clintonovich has been brought in to preside over the case.

“Order to court,” said Clintonovich as he sat down and twirled his mustache. “I have been chosen to be judge in trial! Yay! Good for me!” he said in what sounded like a Russian mixed with a southern accent. “We get dis over quickly. Maybe two or three day.”

The prosecuting lawyers pointed out that the new judge looked and sounded kind of like Bill Clinton. They then went to the bathroom during recess and never returned.

“I see nothing wrong here,” said Clintonovich after hearing the opening statements. “I declare mistrial. Miss Maxwell seem like nice lady. She do nothing wrong. We go to lunch now. Lunch at Hooters. Great wings there.”

After the trial finished in record time, media descended on the courthouse to ask questions to Ghislaine Maxwell, only to find she had also gone to the bathroom and never returned.


After Two Brief Decades Of Deliberation, Democrats Bravely Call For Bill Clinton’s Resignation

From The Babylon Bee:

U.S.—After a short twenty years of deliberation and reflection, Democrats across the country called for Bill Clinton’s impeachment and resignation from office, sources confirmed Wednesday.

In the wake of numerous sex scandals erupting throughout the country, progressive legislators and bureaucrats across the nation all courageously called out Bill Clinton for his demeaning acts toward women, going so far as to say they would ask for him to resign from office even if it meant losing valuable political power.

“We’ve thought about it long and hard over the past nineteen or twenty years, and we have now decided that Bill Clinton should in fact have resigned,” Senator Dianne Feinstein said, though she had voted against impeachment in 1999. “Now that we no longer need the Clintons to help us gain control of important political offices, we call for Bill Clinton to resign.”

Citing his lack of ethics and his “disgusting” treatment of women, Democrat voters joined their political leaders in calling for Clinton to resign from office.

“Bill Clinton should have resigned, definitely, now that we’ve had twenty years to think it over,” Brittany Molson, 42, a registered Democrat, told reporters. “It’s clear that we can’t have a man who treats women like he does in office, no matter what the cost is to us politically. He must resign.”

At publishing time, Republicans from around the nation confirmed they would call for Trump to resign approximately two decades from now, when it was no longer politically costly to do so.


Doug Casey on Some Encounters with US Deep State Sociopaths

An inside look at some beloved US sociopaths, from Doug Casey at internationalman.com:

US Deep State Sociopaths

International Man: Government attracts sociopathic types who are interested in wielding power over others. These are the kinds of people who rise to the top of the Deep State, the permanently entrenched bureaucracy.

You’ve met your fair share of swamp creatures. Tell us about the time you met former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Doug Casey: It was at the New Orleans Investment Conference, the year Dick Cheney was running for president. A friend of mine who took a dislike to Cheney invited me to join him at a special meeting that had been organized for Republican fat cats—potential donors to Cheney’s campaign.

Cheney was pressing the flesh and holding forth. I joined the group, and Cheney comes up to me, as he did to everybody. He says, “Dick Cheney, it’s nice to meet you,” and sticks his hand out. I looked at him and said, “Dick, I’m not going to shake hands with you. I despise you and everything you stand for.”

I thought that delivering a verbal gut blow in public might shatter his criminal persona. But he’s a skilled politician and has been around the block many times.

His comeback was, “Well, why do you say that?” That gave me 60 seconds to detail exactly why I thought he was a horrible human being. He tried not to show it, but it threw him off balance and destroyed any possibility of raising money from the assembled fat cats. I think it’s important that self-important public figures be treated appropriately, as they deserve.

About a week later, I was at another conference in San Francisco. Cheney was also there; he was attending all of the hard money/conservative conferences. He figured that attendees—wealthy, conservative Republicans—were likely donors to his campaign.

Anyway, my friend Mark Skousen ran into Cheney at the Hyatt’s business center.

Mark went up to Cheney, and to break the ice said, “Mr. Cheney, it’s nice to meet you. I understand that you met my friend Doug Casey last week in New Orleans.” I don’t think Mark was trying to wave a red flag in front of an angry bull—just being naive.

Cheney wouldn’t shake hands and refused to talk to him.

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Whistleblower, from the Feral Irishman

Too Big To Fail: From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship, by Whitney Webb

This is probably the single best work of investigative journalism that has ever graced SLL. If there were any justice in the world Whitney Webb would win every journalistic award in sight. This is the final part of her series on sexual trafficking, blackmail, organized crime, political power, and the intelligence agencies. There is a master link to the three prior articles within this article. From Whitney Webb at mintpressnews.com:

Far from being the work of a single political party, intelligence agency or country, the power structure revealed by the network connected to Epstein is nothing less than a criminal enterprise that is willing to use and abuse children in the pursuit of ever more power, wealth and control.

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Did Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Work for Mossad? by Philip Giraldi

Jeffrey Epstein’s orgy island may have been an intelligence operation, and the intelligence agency behind it may have been Israel’s Mossad. From Philip Giraldi at ahtribune.com:

Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell Trump Clinton 5f2fd

The extent of Israeli spying directed against the United States is a huge story that is only rarely addressed in the mainstream media. The Jewish state regularly tops the list for ostensibly friendly countries that aggressively conduct espionage against the U.S. and Jewish American Jonathan Pollard, who was imprisoned in 1987 for spying for Israel, is now regarded as the most damaging spy in the history of the United States.

Last week I wrote about how Israeli spies operating more-or-less freely in the U.S. are rarely interfered with, much less arrested and prosecuted, because there is an unwillingness on the part of upper echelons of government to do so. I cited the case of Arnon Milchan, a billionaire Hollywood movie producer who had a secret life that included stealing restricted technology in the United States to enable development of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, something that was very much against U.S. interests. Milchan was involved in a number of other thefts as well as arms sales on behalf of the Jewish state, so much so that his work as a movie producer was actually reported to be less lucrative than his work as a spy and black-market arms merchant, for which he operated on a commission basis.

That Milchan has never been arrested by the United States government or even questioned about his illegal activity, which was well known to the authorities, is just one more manifestation of the effectiveness of Jewish power in Washington, but a far more compelling case involving possible espionage with major political manifestations has just re-surfaced. I am referring to Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire Wall Street “financier” who has been arrested and charged with operating a “vast” network of underage girls for sex, operating out of his mansions in New York City and Florida as well as his private island in the Caribbean, referred to by visitors as “Orgy Island.” Among other high-value associates, it is claimed that Epstein was particularly close to Bill Clinton, who flew dozens of times on Epstein’s private 727.

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