Consequences: Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease? (4)

Which means that many of the projections both globally and for the US, based as they are on exponential growth that no longer exists, will be off the mark by orders of magnitude.

Basic Math,” SLL, 3/25/20

The “official” US death projections has been revised down from 1 to 2 million to 60,000, or two orders of magnitude. Similar revisions of projected global deaths are in order. The CDC says that 24,000 to 62,000 died in US from non-coronavirus flu this past flu seasons, which means if the 60,000 projection is correct, this was no worse than a bad flu. Daily confirmed coranavirus cases and deaths are falling in the US and around the globe. The coronavirus outbreak is starting to wane.

Here’s another SLL prediction: the damage to civil liberties and the global economy is just beginning. In the US, we’re due for the second leg down of the stock market crash, and it will take decades of dedicated effort to unwind the damage the government and Federal Reserve are now inflicting on the economy and financial markets. As for civil liberties, we’ve now allowed the government to lock us in our homes—house arrest. Are there any civil liberties left to destroy? Here’s the latest from the global shop of horrors:

International Labour Organization: Pandemic Could Wipe Out 195 Million Full-Time Jobs | Democracy Now!

Sneeze Guards and Temperature Checks Are the New Normal for U.S. Retail – BNN Bloomberg

Villagers Turn Away Relatives as Virus Scare Grips Rural India

Nudists told to wear face masks by police | CNN Travel

Virus fears hit world’s oldest profession

Pay TV Fears Even Bigger Subscriber Losses Amid Virus Crisis | Hollywood Reporter

XFL suspends operations and lays off employees, currently has no plans to return in 2021, per report –

Kushner’s team seeks national coronavirus surveillance system – POLITICO

FOOD SHUTDOWN: Farmers Told to “QUIT FARMING” – YouTube

Snowden: Governments Using Pandemic To Build “Architecture Of Oppression” Surveillance | Zero Hedge

Tesla Furloughs Half Of Its Entire US Sales And Delivery Staff | Zero Hedge

Canadian Police Begin Making Home Visits To Check Quarantine Compliance | Zero Hedge

Welcome To Your New Freedoms: GPS Trackers, Mandatory Selfies, & ‘Obey Or Die’ | Zero Hedge

Amazon Video Bans Mike Cernovich’s Documentary “Hoaxed”, Which Focuses On Media Misinformation | Zero Hedge

UK Press ‘Names & Shames’ Prominent Professors For Promoting ‘Conspiracy Theories’ About COVID-19 | Zero Hedge

Italian Mafia Distributes Food To Low-Income Families Under Quarantine | Zero Hedge

‘The Strangest Easter’: Coronavirus Clamps Down on Services Across the World – WSJ

KY Governor Announces State Will Track Easter Worshipers

Asia cracks down on virus ‘fake news’

The Latest: Electric bands for Koreans who break quarantine

Europe Borders May Close To September Due To U.S. COVID-19 Threat

Coronavirus pandemic jobs: US health care workers furloughed, laid off


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