That’s One Way to End a Lockdown, by AIER staff

The lockdowns were the kindling, George Floyd’s murder the match. From the AIER staff at

There’s an old 18th-century saying about the best-laid plans of mice and men. From such plans – the most prestigious public health professionals working with the most powerful people, deploying for the first time a new way to control disease – we now stand in the midst of rubble.

It seems hard to believe. It was only a few months ago that the United States had a strong economy and a bright future. How we went from domestic peace and prosperity in February 2020 to the madness – cities on fire, military rule, curfews, economic desperation – we see today will be the subject of historical reconstruction for many decades hence. We are already seeing the first drafts written now.

The people in the streets are said to be protesting or rioting, but in other ways this has elements of a rebellion. It’s a rebellion against controls over the population that should never have been imposed – based on law, precedent, and human rights. The American people put up with it for more than two months, even as the strictures and regulations were building a nationwide powderkeg.

The disgusting murder of George Floyd, a man forcibly disemployed under lockdown and allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill to escape poverty, was all too familiar. It was the fuse that lit up that powder. The outrage against such police abuses stretches back decades and is reason enough for people from coast to coast to scream: enough.

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