Our Work, by Allan Stevo

There will always be a remnant who keep logic and individualism alive. From Allan Stevo at lewrockwell.com:

There is something sick about the first person who said “Humans just don’t follow orders very well. I wish I had a creature that would follow my orders perfectly. How do I train such a creature?”

In time, another person realized no such creature exists.

Many share this want. Some seek to help empower the individual. All too often, in this want, is the dismissal of a human’s individuality.

Great effort has gone into denying the human his individuality. Correspondingly, great effort has gone into making him, as much as possible, into a well-behaved and predictable input and output mechanism:

Behavioral psychology, management, marketing, education are but a few of the fields that put so much effort into this. “How to make man behave less like man, more like animal,” has been the focus of that work.

It is dehumanizing in the truest sense of that word.

But it doesn’t stop there. It goes a step further, for a beast is a biological entity with its own unpredictabilities.

Adherents create a perfect idea: a computer with ultimate intelligence and great power which never questions commands.

That becomes the new ideal to which man is compared, to which man is pushed to be like.

How can man be a predictable and interchangeable commodity?

How can the natural affinity for man to question authority be minimized and then neutralized?

There are those who seek to use computers to empower the individual. They are few in number.

The output of many in the tech world is not coincidental. It is an expression of their values. That output includes their politics. It is rooted in bad philosophy that refuses to recognize reality for what it is and refuses to recognize individuals as such. This is true of so many, from a social-justicey-kool-aid-haired intern at Google up to Bill Gates. This thinking crosses disciplines and reaches far beyond tech, to all corners of professional life.

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