Why socialism is the pursuit of unhappiness, by Noel S. Williams

There are reasons why socialists are miserable, even when they live in socialist systems. From Noel S. Williams at americanthinker.com:

Where are the happy socialists?  The socialists I spot are either snarling with anger or shrieking with hubris.  In fact, they seem intent on pursuing unhappiness as their misguided dictums controvert nature — human and physical.  It’s simply hard to be sanguine when going against nature.

For sure, socialism attracts a “fair number of cranks.”  Indubitably, it shackles the human spirit and foments misery.  So what is it about this desperate ideology that’s so disparate to nature, and so antithetical to happiness — besides the fact it creates nothing except poverty?

There is much wisdom behind the notion that happiness is a journey, not a destination, so enjoy the ride.  An analogy is a ship sailing the seas, seeking temporary refuge in port before embarking on another exciting expedition.  There’s brief allowance for reveling upon attaining a goal, but then there’s another…and another, so don’t get too complacent in port.

If we obsess about outcomes, about reaching port, satisfaction and lasting happiness remain elusive.  Yet that’s what socialists demand — equality of outcomes.  Rather than embracing the journey by equipping explorers with equality of opportunity, they’re fixated on reaching the port of communism before mutiny festers.  Once there, everyone except the dictator’s sycophants finds equality, all right — all become equally impoverished.  Turns out so-called “equality” is just not everything it’s cracked up to be as the proletariat are dictated to — not in some salubrious transition on the way to utopia, but an indefinite dictatorship in dystopia.  Rather than an abundance mindset, which grows the pie for all thanks to technological

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