Have The Kenosha Riots Given The Right Our Rosa Parks? by John Wilder

Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself and will serve as an inspiration for a lot of people to defend themselves against random and rampant violence. From John Wilder at wilderwealthywise.com:

“We’re all Sons of Liberty here.” – John Adams (2008)


What was it that Jefferson said about the Tree of Liberty?

Friday posts originally were about health related topics.  I’ve deviated away from “health” as a topic to focus on what might be more important now – mental health, specifically attitude.  There’s a reason for this.

The goal of the Left, as amply illustrated by Yuri Bezmenov (Yuri Bezmenov’s 1980’s Prediction of 2020), is to demoralize the West.  Demoralization’s goal is to destroy the moral outlook of our nation.  The goal of Demoralization is to destroy your moral outlook.

If you’re a Christian, the goal of the Enemy (you know who when I write the big E) is to make you feel despair.  If you’re not a Christian, and still on the Right, the goal of the enemy is the same – to make you feel despair.  To make you feel you cannot win.  To make you feel that there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable march of history.  The Enemy (or enemy) wants you to believe that the victory of the Left is inevitable.

That’s why my Friday posts are, at least recently, focused on the opposite.  The victory of the Right is inevitable.  And that’s what scares the Left more than anything.  They will do absolutely everything they can to make you feel powerless.  They will do whatever they can to make you feel that nothing you do matters.  You can’t fight them.

That’s smart.  But a 17 year old in Kenosha proved it was a lie, and may very well be the Rosa Parks of the Right.

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2 responses to “Have The Kenosha Riots Given The Right Our Rosa Parks? by John Wilder

  1. Reading about Kyle Rittenhouse’s criminal “victims” made me wonder how many of the incarcerated who were released because of the risk of being infected by COVID=19 (by Democrat Governors only?) might have been easily recruited to become antifa-BLM front line rioters. Just thinkin’.


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