The Inter-Election Period: A Breakdown of the Strange Moment of U.S. History That We Are in Right Now, by Tim Kirby

Democratic calls for healing and unity are really pleas, and they come from weakness, not strength. From Tim Kirby at

Right now, the entire world sits in waiting for the final declaration of the victor in the 2020 U.S. Presidential race even if they have already officially congratulated Biden. This still technically ongoing electoral process has exposed many truths and confirmed a wide range of suspicions about what is actually going on inside American politics. How “the game is to be played” going further down the road will be determined by who wins or maybe better yet how they win. Let’s break down everything we should have learned from this very unusual voting year during this brief window of uncertainty.

Democratic calls for “Healing and Unity” prove Trump has a strong case

The American Left is now crying out for “Healing and Unity” across the country which is an obvious middle school ploy to make any attempts by Trump to get fair final election results look pathetic and divisive. On the surface one would think that this is an offensive strategy from the dominant side to get the other to break, but calls for peace generally come from the one with the weaker hand.

If the Democrats were sure that Trump lost, then there would be no need to call for peace after years of demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This rhetorical change is not one of triumph, but of fear. When the first partially Black President of the United States came to power the Left boldly rode this wave of political inertia starting their transformation into hardcore Progressives and while showing zero concern for the losers and “unity”. For them this was a smug moment of victory, much like Trump’s 2016 victory was for the right. So why would they choose to become so much more friendly all of a sudden this time?

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