When computers cheat, they inevitably leave evidence behind, by Andrea Widburg

There are ways to figure out if a computer has been programmed to cheat. From Andrea Widburg at americanthinker.com:

You should learn three main things from this post: (1) the Supreme Court can consider statistical evidence of fraud and can order a new election.  (2) Most of the computers used for voting in America have a built-in mechanism that allows votes to be weighted in favor of a candidate.  (3) If someone does tell a computer to mess with the election outcome, the computer’s processes will inevitably create unnatural data trails that prove human intervention in vote counts — and that’s what happened in three Michigan counties.

The Supreme Court

Alexander Macris found Donohue v. Board of Elections of State of New York, 435 F.Supp. 957 (E.D.N.Y. 1976), a case with close parallels to 2020’s election.  After President Ford lost in 1976, Republican voters sued New York, alleging that systematic fraud deprived them of their voting rights.  The district court allowed the suit and stated the following legal test: (1) plaintiffs had to prove specific acts of misconduct that (2) involved “willful or knowing” ballot fraud (3) by state officials or private persons acting jointly with state officials that (4) changed the outcome of the election.

The court held that the plaintiffs could introduce expert opinions and statistical analyses showing that voting patterns markedly deviated from the predictable uniformity to be found in random samples from elections counts that were honest.  If the plaintiffs, won, said the court, they could get an order requiring a new presidential election.  Any other outcome would fail to protect election integrity (especially in presidential elections) that is “essential to a free and democratic society.”

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