The Elect, by the Zman

They get to rule because they’re better than us, their subjects. Just accept it and get with the program. From

A recurring feature of the government Covid efforts is the people issuing various public health edicts violating those edicts. The self-righteous lectures about mask wearing from a sanctimonious politician are followed by pics of that politician going around without a mask at some swanky event. Restaurants all over the country have been closed, but special exceptions are always made for the politicians. These stories of official perfidy have become a staple of the outrage media.

One of the more amusing examples was from Rhode Island where the governess there has been carrying on like an overprotective mother, demanding that everyone stay home for the holidays. Meanwhile she is getting tanked up with other hens at a wine and paint party. The latest is the coordinator of the White House coronavirus response, who has been telling people to stay in hiding for the holidays. Meanwhile, she had a big family bash at one of her mansions over Thanksgiving.

Of course, these stories are waived around as examples of the hypocrisy and sense of entitlement common in the political class. There is an assumption that the people contradicting their own lectures know the lectures are nonsense. They know the mask wearing and other rules are ridiculous. They just like playing dictator. In contrast, these stories are sometimes presented as examples of how these people think they are above the rules, as if they are members of an aristocracy.

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One response to “The Elect, by the Zman

  1. “These petty tyrants take pleasure in punishing the non-compliant, as it provides an opportunity to show how much they care.”

    It is unlike zman to miss the point in this large a fashion. These people can be explained much more simply: they take joy in elevating themselves and diminishing others. This is the exercise of power for power’s sake, nothing more. There is no motive other than the sadistic joy of hurting people and mocking them when they do nothing about it. In fact, our doing nothing about it convinces them we are lesser, beneath them.

    We endure the final countdown to see if any vestige of electoral integrity remains.

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