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Does Texit Follow Brexit? by Dennis Miller

If just one state, especially a big important one like Texas, decided to try to secede, it would be a seismic shock to the US government, on the scale of Great Britain voting to leave the EU. From Dennis Miller at theburningplatform.com:

Texas stamp - Does Texit Follow Brexit?In 2016 the British voted (Brexit) to leave the European Union (EU). Brexit finally happened in January 2021.

The EU never negotiated in good faith. Their goal is to punish Britain and discourage other nations from ever considering leaving their fiefdom. Wolf Street ran a two-part series about the progress.

“Brexit began in earnest…on January 1, with the entry into force of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. It is – at least to my mind – the first ever trade agreement that actively seeks to slow down the flow of trade between the two signatory parties. (Emphasis mine)

And the costs are mounting for companies on both sides of the English Channel, particularly the British one, and the benefits remain largely elusive. This is no great surprise; Brexit is a process, not an event, and it will take time for most of the benefits of separation from the EU to feed through.”

Shortly thereafter, friend Phil C. asked about Texit; “Could it really happen?”

The Texan Nationalist Movement tells us:

We loved our time in Texas. Texans are hardy folks and that message will resonate. While the slogan, “Don’t Mess With Texas” was originally to stop littering, it has taken on a whole new meaning.

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Why ‘Texit’ Is Naive at Best, by Tim Kirby

Secession by one or more states is not going to be an easy process. From Tim Kirby at strategic-culture.org:

Well wishing and power fantasies cannot topple geopolitical realities and the fact that Washington will simply never let a Texit take place.

There is an interesting tendency in American political history that whenever there is some sort of crisis, one answer to it, especially from the Right, is some form of secession. The waves of Liberal triumphant ecstasy that Obama rode into the White House were scary enough to start discussions of leaving the Union from Ohio to Oregon. During the 1990s it was the scary militias of places like Michigan that were supposedly going to fight for some sort of breakaway from the tyranny of Clinton. None of this came to pass and the only semi-successful attempt to do something like this required the support of the entire political and economic elite of the South, with a very heavy economic dependence on a “peculiar institution” to even try. But for some reason this naive power fantasy of being able to simply break away from the evil grip of Washington, gaining everything, yet somehow losing nothing just will not die. And so, now there is discussion of an imminent “Texit”. This time though the strategy is going to use a long term bureaucratic roadmap and vastly more signatures, stamps and red tape in order to ultimately fail.

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