Trump and His Greatest Contribution to America, by Mark Allen

If nothing else, Trump exposed the Corruptocracy. From Mark Allen at

The Trump presidency is over. But whether you loved him, despised him, admired him, or merely tolerated him, there is one thing he did for America that makes him the most important figure in modern American history: He exposed the farce that America is a healthy, functioning democracy.

Trump has shown Americans, without meaning to, that the institutions that serve as the nuts and bolts of our supposed democracy have all become perversions of the original institutions that made America one of the greatest and most powerful nations on earth. Unfortunately, America has reached its zenith; the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States by those once great institutions is America’s death knell and the beginning of the final assault on a thriving and free society.

The Trump presidency revealed, as no other could have, what a few of our most important institutions have become. It is not pretty.

The mainstream media, which should ideally report the facts in the most neutral manner possible, has now become, with a few exceptions, a political tool of one faction of our broken government. It covered up stories that would have damaged its chosen candidate regardless of the factual content of those stories. And worse, it made zero effort to investigate the truth of the allegations contained in those stories as if it feared turning over a slimy rock because there might be something so ugly underneath it could not be ignored. It stuck its elitist head in the sand like a befuddled ostrich where it saw nothing, heard nothing, and said nothing about any information, whether true or not, that might damage its interests, pet projects, or untouchable personal biases.

The title journalist used to command respect but now has become a brand of bias and unfairness. The ideal image of the hard-working reporter has gone from the old-time stereotype of the gruff, cigar chomping every man interested only in the truth no matter where it took him or who it exposed to a pimped, shallow, animated mannequin. Journalists have become frauds that stupidly spout truisms and insincere platitudes. They spend more time with the hair stylist and makeup artist than they spend developing and investigating a story. The media as real news media is dying, like our democracy, and news programs have been replaced by a collection of partisan sitcoms filled with pretty parrots whose only real interest is appeasing their woke colleagues, dumbed down viewers, and intolerant superiors by filling the airwaves with a blatantly one-sided version of the news

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