Can You Steal a Presidency That Doesn’t Exist? by Martin Sieff

About one out of thirty-three people watched not-the-president’s inauguration, or at least had the television on as he droned. It was a day of the living dead. From Martin Sieff at

The presidential inauguration of Joe Biden passed over peacefully: But then it wasn’t a presidential inauguration at all.

The dark genius vision of Philip K. Dick, America’s Kafka, greatest and therefore most widely feared and ignored of U.S. writers proved unerringly true again. The Reality of Things is far too difficult, far too disturbing to even attempt any more. Just hang a a handwritten tiny note on any piece of junk and 330 million Americans will happily believe that it is more real than reality. Though in reality, not even that.

The official viewing figures of the Biden inauguration on January 20 are now in, and they have even been published. They have predictably been presented as more proof of the restored triumph of American “democracy.” Yet the simple figures took an extraordinarily different story.

The four great national U.S. television networks – CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox – together enjoyed a combined a combined audience of 10.5 million viewers for the Inauguration and its festivities.

Let me repeat that: 10.5 million viewers. Out of a national population of one third of a billion.

Bad sitcoms and witless, violent brainless crime dramas on television prime time get scrapped for posting figures better than that.

Yet 81 million people we are told – more Americans than ever before in the nations 232 year constitutional history – voted for Biden against that Threat to All That is Holy and Decent Donald Trump.

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