On the Cusp of the “Blue Terror”, by Alan Sabrosky

The left aims to impose totalitarianism. From Alan Sabrosky at unz.com:

One of the great paradoxes of American democracy is that much of what makes it worth having also renders it vulnerable to mortal threats. This is particularly true when the threats are internal, and the domestic enemies adept at using their constitutionally guaranteed rights and privileges to gnaw away at the society that nurtured and protected them with the aim of bringing it down in ruins.

Future historians, doubtless writing in Chinese, will marvel at how the radical Left in the U.S. essentially weaponized the Bill of Rights, claiming its protection as they worked to undermine the entire system. They will doubtless express astonishment and satisfaction at the speed and ease with which they came to dominate first academe, then the media, and finally one of the two major political parties in the U.S. – the Democrats.

There will likely even be wry grins of amusement at the assignment of colors by the networks to the two parties around 2000. Here the Democrats, increasingly red politically with little or no center, came to be called “blue” while the Republicans, mostly “true blue Americans” as the term was once used, by default became “red” with its undercurrent of the enemy. Just a bit of gallows humor at a wake.

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