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The Word We Need To Make Sense of This Moment, by Paul Rosenberg

The scope of what we’re permitted to do keeps shrinking. From Paul Rosenberg at freemansperspective.com:

The past year has been a mass confusion of fear, misinformation, cover-ups, tyranny, crazed true-believers and more. Making sense of it has been difficult, and even those of us who try to do so professionally have come up short. But this morning the word we’ve needed rolled through my mind as I was waking up. And that word is scope. Please bear with me as I explain.

There’s a paraphrase of Aristotle that I love; it’s his definition of happiness:

The exercise of vital powers, along lines of excellence, in a life affording them scope.

There is a tremendous amount that can be unpacked from that short passage, and I suggest that you spend some time with it, but it’s the last phrase that’s so crucial to us now: a life affording scope. That’s what has been stolen from us over the past year, and it’s far more important than most of us have understood.

To limit the scope of human action… the scope of human will… is to limit our ultimate assets, which are intelligence, self-reflection and creativity. Without them, we sink back to an animal existence, because those are precisely the things which we have and which animals lack.

There is no greater crime than the mass restriction of scope. To oppress talent is to impoverish billions of humans yet unborn.

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White Men: The Kulaks of the 21st Century, by GenZConservative

Totalitarians always need villains to justify their repression and to set citizen against citizen. From GenZConservative at genzconservative.com:

The Left is Turning White Men into Modern Day Kulaks

As Stalin solidified his hold on the Soviet Union and began his industrialization policies, one of the first groups he targeted was the “kulak” class of peasants. Before his regime, that term was used only sparingly and toward the end of the Russian Empire and was meant to describe peasants with over 8 acres of land. In other words, it wasn’t a real distinction. There were peasants and slightly more prosperous peasants, but they weren’t anymore a class than the manager of a gas station is of a different social class than his employees.

But to Stalin and his cronies, as with most socialists, the facts were no reason to throw away a possible path to more power. He transformed what “kulak” meant, turning the term from a sparsely used one denoting slightly more material wealth than was typical of a peasant to “a vague reference to property ownership among peasants who were considered “hesitant” allies of the revolution.”

That change let Stalin embark on some of his greatest horrors. Before the term was changed, the peasants were united as a group. They suffered together, lived together, and helped each other. After Stalin’s war on the kulaks began, the Russian people broke. Neighbor accused neighbor, friend accused friend, even family members accused each other of being the most evil of all things: a kulak.

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If Deficits Don’t Matter, Why Bother with Taxes? by Peter St. Onge

Taxes still matter to the government, even though it increasingly funds itself with debt, because taxes are yet another way to control us. From Peter St. Onge at mises.org:

On March 18, Joe Wiesenthal of Bloomberg Markets had MMT economist Stephanie Kelton on the show. If you’re not familiar with modern monetary theory, they think governments should print more money because deficits aren’t a big deal. At one point in the show, Wiesenthal asked, “If we don’t need to worry about deficits, why do we have taxes?” Kelton’s response was illuminating.

Now, the traditional excuse for taxes is, paraphrasing Oliver Wendell Holmes, that they are the “price of civilization.” Skeptics point out that, historically, societies with very low taxes were often far more civilized—think the Dutch Golden Age, Islamic Golden Age, Victorian England, the pejoratively named “Gilded Age” in American history—that thirty-year golden age when almost everything useful was invented. And, yet, throughout that period, federal receipts were one-fifth what they are today.

Why so much civilization? Because much of what governments do today was done by charities or businesses competing for customer dollars instead of seizing their budget in taxes. When doctors, firefighters, and schools have to satisfy customers, things get quite civilized.

Still, even if we accept a “night-watchman state” argument for, say, national defense or salaries for Supreme Court justices, it gets tricky if government can simply print up the fresh money to pay for all that civilization.

Kelton’s answer? Taxes would still be needed, because they make us poor. And because they can punish people she doesn’t like.

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Who Is Shaking The Jar? by Jim Quinn

Who is the real enemy of the millions of basically decent people in America, and why are they stirring up so much contrived conflict? From Jim Quinn at theburningplatform.com:

“If you catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants, and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen. However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight until they eventually kill each other. The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are the enemy and vice versa, when in reality, the real enemy is the person who shook the jar. This is exactly what’s happening in society today. Liberal vs. Conservative. Black vs. White. Pro Mask vs. Anti-Mask. Vax vs. Anti-vax. Rich vs. poor. Man vs. woman. Cop vs. citizen. The real question we need to be asking ourselves is who’s shaking the jar… and why?” Shera Starr

Who's Shaking the Jar? - The Thinking Conservative

A few weeks ago, I saw the above quote in Jeff Thomas’ article Learning from Ants, and it has been reverberating in my mind ever since. It is a perfect analogy for what has been happening in this country for years, with the jar lately being shaken at a rate faster than a Biden vote count increase at 3:00 am in a swing state. Everyone in this country, and the world, is at each other’s throats. Who is shaking the jar? Why are they shaking the jar? Why do they want us fighting each other?

If they keep us focused on fighting each other, they believe we will not notice their reprehensible criminality, as they manipulate the masses through psychological engineering and the employment of propaganda techniques to push their desired narrative. If you ask someone – who is shaking the jar? – they will likely answer based on the standard left vs right, liberal vs conservative, white vs black paradigm which has been created by those benefiting from conflict. It is always a safe bet to follow the money when trying to identify the culprits.

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The End of America? by Naomi Wolfe

The question is not hyperbolic. From Naomi Wolfe at the aier.org:

In 2008, I wrote a book, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. I warned, based on my study of closing democracies in 20th century history, that America needed to beware of a slide toward totalitarianism.

I warned that would-be tyrants, whether they are on the left or the right, always use a map to close down democracies, and that they always take the same ten steps. Whether it’s “Invoke a Terrifying Internal and External Threat,” “Create a Thug Caste,” “Target the Press,” or the final step, “Suspend the Rule of Law,” these steps are always recognizable; and they always work to crush democracies and establish tyrannies. At that time, the “global threat” of terrorism was the specter that powers invoked in order to attack our freedoms.

The book was widely read and discussed, both at the time of its publication and for the last 12 years. Periodically over the last decade, people would ask me when and if we had reached “Step Ten.”

We – my brave publisher, Chelsea Green, and I — are releasing the first and last chapters of The End of America now, in 2021, for free, and I am calling the sequel to this book, which I am now writing, Step Ten – because as of March of last year, we have indeed, I am so sad to say, arrived at and begun to inhabit Step Ten of the ten steps to fascism.

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Domestic Terrorism Goes Transnational: the War on Dissidents Picks Up Momentum, by Philip Giraldi

We always knew the war on terrorism would eventually go after domestic terrorists. From Philip Giraldi at unz.com:

The Biden Administration is now preparing to go after the people that it objects to and will create new laws as necessary to do so.

The claim is often made that President George W. Bush’s war on terror, which produced legislation that was employed to attack Iraq in 2003, eventually morphed into the worst foreign policy mistake in U.S. history when that conflict destabilized the entire region and led to an American multifront military engagement that now appears permanent. Few of those in the policymaking business appreciated that by turning “terrorism” into an especially invidious form of evil allowing governments to arrest or even assassinate without due process and bomb civilians if they fit a profile, Pandora’s box was being opened to expand that authority to commit other heinous abuses of authority.

Jim Bovard has described how post 9/11 there were hundreds of arrests for no good reason, in some cases only because someone had a name or countenance that appeared to be “Arabic.” Congressman Ron Paul and a handful of others observed at the time that the legislation would inevitably be used against domestic enemies of the state as well as against foreign or foreign-linked groups, meaning that the real damage done by the Patriot Act, the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF) and the Military Commissions Act would be felt somewhere down the road, possibly at a point where the original objective of the legislation would be more or less forgotten.

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The Government’s War on Free Speech: Protest Laws Undermine the First Amendment, By John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead

We have all the laws we need to deal with crime linked to protests. The current batch of laws purportedly to deal with crime linked to protests are more about curbing First Amendment freedoms of assembly, speech, and petitioning the government for redress of grievances. From John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead at rutherford.org:

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”— George Washington

It’s a given that the government is corrupt, unaccountable, and has exceeded its authority.

So what can we do about it?

The first remedy involves speech (protest, assembly, speech, prayer, and publicity), and lots of it, in order to speak truth to power.

The First Amendment, which is the cornerstone of the Bill of Rights, affirms the right of “we the people” to pray freely about our grievances regarding the government. We can gather together peacefully to protest those grievances. We can publicize those grievances. And we can express our displeasure (peacefully) in word and deed.

Unfortunately, tyrants don’t like people who speak truth to power.

The American Police State has shown itself to be particularly intolerant of free speech activities that challenge its authority, stand up to its power grabs, and force it to operate according to the rules of the Constitution.

Cue the rise of protest laws, the police state’s go-to methods for muzzling discontent.

These protest laws, some of which appear to encourage violence against peaceful protesters by providing immunity to individuals who drive their car into protesters impeding traffic and use preemptive deadly force against protesters who might be involved in a riot, take intolerance for speech with which one might disagree to a whole new level.

Ever since the Capitol protests on Jan. 6, 2021, state legislatures have introduced a broad array of these laws aimed at criminalizing protest activities. Yet while the growing numbers of protest laws cropping up across the country are being marketed as necessary to protect private property, public roads or national security, they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a thinly disguised plot to discourage anyone from challenging government authority at the expense of our First Amendment rights.

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Globalists’ America-Last Agenda Focused on Crushing the Middle Class: Here’s How to Stop It, by Leo Hohmann

On history’s time line, the middle class has not existed until very recently. It is the product of a healthy capitalist economy, and as those who wish to control us destroy the last vestiges of capitalism, they will also destroy the middle class. From Leo Hohmann at lewrockwell.com:

Two things occurred this week that should have your attention.

And, no, one of them is not the cartoonish second impeachment trial of a former president. Don’t let the media lure you into this drama.

As the first two days of the trial proved, this is nothing more than emotion-driven theatrics.

Democrats are notorious for murdering the facts and appealing to people’s base emotions, and this trial is more of the same.

Its purpose has little to do with the former president and everything to do with you, Mr. and Mrs. Conservative American.

If they can criminalize the former president, or at the very least tarnish his reputation beyond repair, they will use that to criminalize and/or tarnish those who supported his America-first policies. That’s what they’re really after, so don’t let them get into your head. Call it what it is, openly and boldly. Dramatic theater meant to sway the ignorant and uninformed.

The ignorant will be ignorant. Let them go.

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On the Cusp of the “Blue Terror”, by Alan Sabrosky

The left aims to impose totalitarianism. From Alan Sabrosky at unz.com:

One of the great paradoxes of American democracy is that much of what makes it worth having also renders it vulnerable to mortal threats. This is particularly true when the threats are internal, and the domestic enemies adept at using their constitutionally guaranteed rights and privileges to gnaw away at the society that nurtured and protected them with the aim of bringing it down in ruins.

Future historians, doubtless writing in Chinese, will marvel at how the radical Left in the U.S. essentially weaponized the Bill of Rights, claiming its protection as they worked to undermine the entire system. They will doubtless express astonishment and satisfaction at the speed and ease with which they came to dominate first academe, then the media, and finally one of the two major political parties in the U.S. – the Democrats.

There will likely even be wry grins of amusement at the assignment of colors by the networks to the two parties around 2000. Here the Democrats, increasingly red politically with little or no center, came to be called “blue” while the Republicans, mostly “true blue Americans” as the term was once used, by default became “red” with its undercurrent of the enemy. Just a bit of gallows humor at a wake.

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Stop It! by T.L. Davis

Secession is the only feasible road to freedom. From T.L. Davis at twelveround.com:

It’s time to stop. People who criticize Q for being a method of quelling the masses offer little difference when they speak of keeping oaths and defending the republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. None of it is happening.

The most logical and rational meme is that “no one is coming to save you.” Also, no one is going to save the republic. There are a lot of reasons for this, good, logical reasons. One is that the chances of a patriot surviving the first conversation with a federal agent are slim and none. Who knows who they are, they have infiltrated every situation. Suddenly, the patriot is carted off for conspiracy of something. So, there is no one to trust.

The reason for this is that the war has been raging for decades. The enemy is inside the lines. In fact, they are the lines. Those who hate America as founded and hate those who adhere to the founding are using the prison system as POW camps. No one has tried to stop these agencies from doing what they do. The truth is, they won. The declaration by the DHS that identified Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists” (up to 80 million people) proves that they won. All without our side having to exhibit heroism.

We are now a communist nation. This is proved by the fact that they are starting mop-up operations against what little opposition remains. Two keys to that are:

  • 1) Someone who wrote a humorous meme during the 2016 election about being able to vote via text is arrested and facing 10 years in a POW camp. (see how long they hold onto their hate? More than four years)
  • 2) The person who forged official government documents to facilitate the FISA warrant that allowed spying on Trump’s political campaign is given 100 hours of community service. (the only purpose was to steal the 2016 election)

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