Petitioning Government or Courts Will Never Result in Gaining Freedom: Only Mass Disobedience Can Prevail, by Gary D. Barnett

Unjust systems do not bestow justice or freedom. From Gary D. Barnett at

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi (2012). “The Essential Gandhi: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas”, p.144, Vintage

We are now at the threshold of hell concerning our natural rights and freedom. This evil government and its controllers have destroyed our sacred lives through lies, deceit, theft, plotted divisive policies, torture, isolation, dystopian mandates, crippling orders by executive fiat, and murder. This is not hidden; it is open and exposed, but the people have ignored the blatant nature of this conspiracy to take over humanity, and instead have as expected by their masters, acquiesced to every command given. After all this tyranny levied against this society, they now beg for crumbs from the very scum that has enslaved them. This collective and pathetic response can result in nothing less than mass enslavement.

In the face of this obvious and extreme immoral injustice against all Americans, the people clamor for redress by petitioning those falsely claiming authority instead of relying on self and the inherent right to live free. This is akin to asking your master to be your slave, and expecting him to voluntarily comply. This attitude is not only meaningless; it actually emboldens your oppressor, and strengthens his position over you.  Weakness in the face of tyranny can only bring more tyranny.

To understand how the total domination over the people by the state occurred only requires one to accept reality. The population at large has accepted to date almost every controlling measure demanded by those that claim power over them.

It began with mandated quarantines, lockdowns, and isolation, as the abuse continued to worsen over the past year.

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2 responses to “Petitioning Government or Courts Will Never Result in Gaining Freedom: Only Mass Disobedience Can Prevail, by Gary D. Barnett

  1. I have been saying this for a lo-o-o-o-ng time. There are many things I’ve been saying to no avail. Most I’ve struggled with myself–my abstract analytical assessments seemed too harsh–too hard for even myself to believe. There’s one I’ve been struggling with for a while that I am finally voicing. This was after posting a photo of my arm that had the muscle irradiated into oblivion when I was a week’s-old babe. I am URGING what is happening be brought to the International Criminal Court.

    This was my response:

    “I’m fairly certain Nazi Germany didn’t consider themselves subject to their rulings either. It is now obvious that the government of the USA is intent upon murdering its citizens. The USA Government has always experimented on its citizens.

    It’s well past time the lunatics running DC paid for their Crimes Against Humanity.”

    I think all governments are now intent on murdering citizens and need to be brought up on charges. No government being brought up on charges should have anyone installed in any way serving on such a court.


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