Andy Ngo’s UNMASKED: Antifa—Not “Anarcho-Communism”, But Anarcho-Tyranny, by James Kirkpatrick

James Kirkpatrick reviews Andy Ngo’s book on Antifa, a group with which Ngo has had more than a few run-ins. From Kirkpatrick at

Andy Ngo’s new book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy is as important to understanding where we are today as Ann Coulter’s Adios America! was before Donald Trump election. Ngo shows that far from being just an “idea,” as President Joe Biden would have us believe, Antifa comprises highly organized groups of dedicated activists with an extreme political agenda and a commitment to violence. But Ngo also shows, perhaps less consciously, that Antifa operates with de-facto backing from the Ruling Class, including Main Stream Media journalists, the principal enforcers of the current order. Ngo suggests Antifa are a revolutionary threat to the power structure and could overthrow it. But the truth is much worse—Antifa are simply the System’s militant wing.

What makes Unmasked so remarkable is that Ngo doesn’t limit himself to anecdotal reporting, nor does he retreat to abstract theorizing. Instead, like a great historian, he seamlessly integrates his experiences and other primary sources with political theory. He shows, often literally with chapter and verse, what motivates Antifa, how they are organized, how they are trained, and how this is turned into concrete action:

Where there is no single capital A ‘Antifa’ organization with one leader, there are indeed localized cells and groups with formalized structures and memberships. Though officially leaderless, these are organizations by every definition.

The [Rose City Antifa] curriculum is modeled on a university course. Yet it includes training on how to use guns and do reconnaissance against enemies.

Ngo also helpfully reports on the history the Antifa brand, especially its origins in the Red Front Fighters’ League of the pre-Hitler German Communist Party. He’s especially astute to note that “the German Communist Party [KPD] and its various offshoots viewed social democrats and liberals as ‘social fascists’ no different from Nazis.” Needless to say, KPD leader Ernst Thälman’s strategy of fighting the more moderate Social Democrats ahead of the Nazis was glossed over by Communist propaganda after World War II. East German hagiographies of Thälman, like Sohn Seiner Klasse and Führer Sonne Klasse (“Son of His Class,” “Leader of His Class”) portray him as fighting the Nazis above all else.

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