Coca-Cola, Whiteness and Madness, by Tim Kirby

Whites can laugh off Coke’s “be less white” propaganda and drink Pepsi products. The “be less white” is most harmful when it’s a pejorative aimed by blacks at other blacks who are trying to improve their situation in life. From Tim Kirby at

The idea of becoming successful is the ultimate evil in the Ghetto. It is this mindset that results in people in the Ghetto shaming others from childhood into making sure they never even try to leave.

Generally, when reading material of an intellectual nature, the words “growing up in the ghetto” don’t fit very well, however there are some of us who rose far above their station in life and have certain life experiences that may be valid in making an argument. Normally this would not be the case but Coca-Cola’s bizarre anti-“Whiteness” campaign being pushed on their employees has forced my hand to break the rules and break this issue down from a very personal perspective. Coca-Cola’s now infamous PowerPoint-style document is deeply rooted in the mentality of the ghetto – one of hopelessness and entrapment in a wretched existence that no one wants and yet all subconsciously perpetuate that I was born into.

The demographics of my neighborhood radically shifted due to White Flight in the late 80s and early 90s. By my preteen years as a person with a Slavic exterior I was by far in the minority. In high school our region of Cleveland was 55% Black with all other ethnicities combined making up the remaining 45%. This region of America is called the Rust Belt not because the leaves are pretty in fall but because NAFTA and Nixon’s little trip to China resulted in our cities’ factories rotting away from disuse leaving former factory workers to fend for themselves. Long story short, by American standards everyone around me was urban poor. Given time to reflect back on this environment after escaping it for the Motherland (Eastern Europe) you start to see that there are some truly horrible accepted “truths” in the Ghetto that keep things from ever getting better which line up very well with the thinking of the management at Coke.

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