Biden and the ‘Yellow Brick Road’, by Alastair Crooke

The Biden administration wants to use The Great Reset to reassert the US’s fading primacy in the world. It’s probably not going to work out like they think it will. From Alastair Crooke at

Across the board, there probably is not enough ‘majority’ to push through this new, 4IR Re-set – at least for now.

Biden intoned the sacred word ‘democracy’ over and over again at the Munich Security conference, including three times in his concluding sentence; but the mask already was stripped from America’s long-service, 1940s, moralising myth some time ago. Recent events in the U.S. have only served to underline ‘democracy’ as sham and to expose the bitter divisions lying beneath America’s skin.

America’s position as ‘global leader’, Stephen Wertheim has observed in his book Tomorrow the World, was premised on a set of impermanent and atypical post-war circumstances that handed primacy to the U.S.; but Wertheim then goes on to underscore how “those days of incontestable unipolarity are over, and cannot be wished back”. The U.S. empire is, then, at an impasse: Its moral and political justification of overseeing a global order shaped to its norms is now beyond its capabilities (militarily or financially) to maintain.

Yet those original ‘pathologies’ built into the system persist. Aris Roussinos, an editor at Unherd notes: “As the useful myth [of spreading democracy hardened into] dogma, the neurotic belief that the end of American hegemony would mean the return of dark forces has become so entrenched that it constrains America’s ability to negotiate reality … Indeed, there are worrying intimations that America’s leaders believe that victory is predestined, purely through its own perceived moral virtue: as if the victories of the Second World War and the Cold War were won through holding to correct ideology”.

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