American Exodus, by Angelo Codevilla

A substantial number of Americans, probably a majority, do not want to live in a country run by its current rulers. From Angelo Codevilla at

Don’t wait for the oligarchy to let you in. Just walk away.

When Machiavelli wrote, “in order to know Moses’ virtue it was necessary that the people of Israel be slaves in Egypt …,” he was pointing to the truth that knowing what one is up against is a powerful incentive for dealing with it intelligently. Genesis tells us that only in Moses’ time did the Egyptians make clear how harsh was the alternative to the Exodus by deciding to kill their longtime slaves’ baby boys.

Today, the oligarchy that controls American society’s commanding heights leaves those who are neither its members nor its clients little choice but to marshal their forces for their own exodus. The federal government, the governments of states and localities run by the Democratic Party, along with the major corporations, the educational establishment, and the news media set strict but movable boundaries about what they may or may not say—on pain of being cast out, isolated from society’s mainstream. Using an ever-shifting variety of urgent excuses, which range from the coronavirus, to the threat of domestic terrorism, to catastrophic climate change, to the evils of racism, they issue edicts that they enforce through anti-democratic means—from social pressure and threats, to corporate censorship of digital platforms, to bureaucratic fiat. Nobody voted for this.

What forces can and can’t this oligarchy bring to bear? We have a hint from Time magazine’s Feb. 4, 2021, valedictory of “a vast, cross-partisan campaign” by leaders of business, labor, and the media, in cooperation with the Democratic Party, that “got states to change voting systems and laws” for the 2020 presidential election in contravention of black-letter constitutional law. Rulings by judges in Michigan and Virginia that changes to those states’ absentee ballot laws were blatantly illegal matters not one whit.

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One response to “American Exodus, by Angelo Codevilla

  1. Leave and go where,Mars?Breakaway society?We,as humans are in this nightmare because too many for too long gave away our natural power and sovereignty to teachers,priests,rabbis,mayors,authors,famous people,governors,presidents,etc.We must become better humans and think better thoughts,conduct ourselves with higher qualities like patience,tolerance,compassion,humbleness.Some of the dumbest,most destructive people on this Planet are the so-called educated from fancy universities.
    Why do most people treat their belived pet better than many fellow humans,including family?Why do wealthier people think they have a Right to pollute the earth and subjugate less wealthy humans?
    Less t.v.,less sports,less stupid and convenient and more learning from less corrupted,less commercial sources.More actual pondering and thinking!! 🙂


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