An April Fools’ Scenario With the Biden Team, by Bill Bonner

Inequality is finally being eliminated, once and for all. From Bill Bonner at

YOUGHAL, IRELAND – In an unexpected bombshell this morning, the Biden Administration unveiled its most ambitious initiative to date… perhaps the boldest political move since Caligula made his horse, Incitatus, a senator.

It announced that it was going to tackle the “inequality” issue once and for all.

“This country has lived with injustice and unfairness long enough,” said White House spokesperson Ina Propriot.

The talking person then proceeded to list all the crimes allegedly committed by white males, dead and alive. From slaughtering buffalo, to Hiroshima, to rap music, she went from one to another, scarcely pausing to draw breath.

(This issue is particularly interesting to your editor. He has a mixed-race family, including grandchildren with Asian, Native American, African, Norwegian, and Irish DNA. He wants to treat them all fairly.

But what’s “fair,” when some have “white privilege” and others don’t? Today, he looks to the White House for guidance.)

Ms. Propriot finally finished listing the charges. Then, the Biden mouthpiece offered reporters a glimpse of the new initiative, which is supposed to be an omnibus program designed to “paliate, mitigate, and remediate the many ills and injustices caused by the patriarchy.”

Better Deal

The gist of the Biden team’s argument is that the deck is stacked in favor of white males. It says it is going to reshuffle the deck and deal out the cards more “equitably.”

But it also acknowledged that there were some jokers amongst the cards. Reporters at the news conference were shocked at what the administration proposes to do about them, which we’ll get to in a moment.

“The program… which we’re calling a Joint Offensive to Kreate Equality… will have two parts,” Ms. Propriot exampled.

“First, let’s be clear about this. We’re not going to piece-meal it. We’re not going to dance around it or promise things we can’t deliver. We already have buy-in from the Democrats in Congress.

“We suspect Republicans will come on board, too, as soon as they realize how popular this will be with the voters.

“This is a real game-changer. It’s a magnificent program to improve life in America, once and for all.

“We’re going to pivot from our other responsibilities – such as saving the planet and hunting down white supremacists – in order to fix 400 years of egregious mistreatment of America’s minorities at the hands of its white majority.

“And if not us, who? If not now, when?

“No, it’s way past time to act.

“And so, President Biden has asked that this program take priority over rescuing the economy. It is for this that he wishes to be judged by history.”

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