The Face Diapering of Cars, by Eric Peters

It’s not a constitutionally specified right (although under the Ninth Amendment just because a right isn’t specified doesn’t mean people don’t have it) but in a free society you ought to be able to work on your own car in your own garage. From Eric Peters at

The day may come when it is illegal to work on your own car, in your own driveway – even in your own garage.

It already is in Sacramento, CA.

A law was recently passed by the county government proscribing what are styled “unauthorized” repairs – complete with a list of them – which may no longer be performed by the owner of the vehicle on or within his own property. Inside his own garage, even with the garage door closed  . . . if the vehicle is “inoperable” for more than 24 hours.

Which is a kind of reminder regarding who really owns the property – both the vehicle and the home.

And thus, the “owner” himself as well.

The state is become the true owner – of everything – when the state controls everything (and thus, everyone). People own nothing, in any meaningful sense – including themselves – it being preposterous to speak of self-ownership when you are not allowed to control anything of significance, including your own affairs.

This isn’t stated, of course. But it ought to be obvious. It is becoming blatantly so.

There is even a proscribed list of tools the homeowner may not possess – including torque wrenches and air compressors – which might be used to perform an “unauthorized” repair.  It is now an offense to possess what is styled a “tool not normally found in a residence” – normally being defined however the government likes.

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