The Antidote To Tyranny, by Paul Rosenberg

How to wrap your brain around tyranny, the first step towards fighting it. From Paul Rosenberg at

Although most of us don’t like admitting it, we in the West are living in a state of tyranny. I won’t waste time on details, but when force-backed edicts intrude into every aspect of our lives (“Did you strap your child into a seat approved for their height and weight?”), using the T-word is a function of our emotional readiness, not an issue of fact.

What I’ll give you in this post is a solution to the present tyranny. This solution involves no violence, costs nothing, and is available to all of us. It’s even simple. But it does have one drawback: It requires you to make decisions and to act on them.

Millions of people, you see, want someone else – anyone else – to be the responsible party. That’s the secret appeal of politics: You’re never to blame. Any problem can be blamed on someone else.

Still, as true as all of the above may be, that’s not the solution. The solution is to reclaim external points of reference.

Now, since that sounds fairly abstract, I’ll explain.

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