Illinoisans Overwhelmingly Oppose Racial Indoctrination Rampant In Schools, Yet They Cower In Silence, by Mark Glennon

It’s not easy to take on the mob. From Mark Glennon at

Illinois’ political establishment is far out of touch with the general public on the racial dogma now forced on students from kindergarten through college. Yet a stunning two-thirds of Illinoisans say they don’t speak up, thereby ceding control to an intolerant, extremist minority.

The proof is in a poll released last month that was mostly buried and ignored by the press. It primarily addressed what schools now teach as unquestionable truth: critical race theory, also called anti-racism or wokism.

Illinoisans don’t like it. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni, which commissioned the poll, summarized their findings this way:

A majority  of respondents  favor equipping teachers to develop core skills and competencies over the encouragement of  progressive  political activism.  Illinoisans  also  favor  a curriculum that  focuses  on “American founding principles and . . . documents” over  one that  incorporates  key  tenets of the  New York Times’ 1619  Project.  At  the post secondary level,  strong  majorities  oppose reducing police presence on campus;  support viewpoint diversity; favor a merit-based application process;  and  prioritize  reducing the cost of tuition over expanding  diversity  and equity  programs.     

That’s completely at odds with mandates from the state’s politicians and education officials. The Illinois State Board of Education recently approved woke teaching standards with its “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Standards” for K-12 education, and the state earlier made “implicit bias” training required by law for Illinois teachers.

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3 responses to “Illinoisans Overwhelmingly Oppose Racial Indoctrination Rampant In Schools, Yet They Cower In Silence, by Mark Glennon

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  2. Blatant indoctrination in schools raises another issue. Little of what is learnt in schools anyway is any use for adult life. Much is a waste of time. With computers children could learn as much or even more than they learn in school, with greater relevance and without the indoctrination.

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  3. Dont know the details of this indoctrination,but I do have points to make.As a student at uic during the 1990’s,indoctrination/The partyline was expected by many professors.Education or alt-lit class professors were notorious for this.If you didnt adopt the perpetual victimhood of the traveling Black,Hispanic,whatever pants,your grade was Not worth the $ and effort spent. Being aware of our individual,cultural biases or filters is Not horrible as it can make us truly more self-aware as well as compassionate and senditive to others. Race…there is only one,the Human race,disregarding any hubrids/alien hybrids stealthily walking around. Maths are Not racist,they are disciplines of study. White slavery goes back thousands of years and guess what….?Lots of Christian Whites were abducted by Black,Muslim Barbary Coast pirates.They took whole coastal villages.Lots of Irish were enslaved as well as poor English.White Irish slaves worked the u.s. Plantations along with Black bretheren.Slavery is wrong and was wrong no matter the culture or religion.White Cargo is a good introduction to this. Parents need to Wake Up and Act as a parent,not a cowering crybaby sheep.Stop giving all your power to dr.s,mayors,teachers,principals,priests/rabbis,bosses,family.This is a direct,planned attack on freedom of thought,freedom of education,freedom to parent decent,reflective,reasonable humans.This is not Anything to be tolerated.


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