To Protect Your Liberty, Smash the Total Virus-Elimination Narrative, by Jeffrey Tucker

Obviously if Covid-19 totalitarianism is here until the virus is eliminated, totalitarianism is here to stay, because so is the virus. From Jeffrey Tucker at

To Protect Your Liberty, Smash the Total Virus-Elimination Narrative

(AP Photo/Ishant Chauhan, File )

Many industries were throttled, bludgeoned, beaten, and even destroyed during the lockdowns of 2020. It will be years before the damage is repaired, and some of it is irreparable.

One industry that did not suffer was that which was and is devoted to writing scientific papers on the Coronavirus. Talk about boom times! A report from October 2020 estimates that 87,000 studies have been written and published in some form on the topic. It’s surely more than 100,000 by now. These writers do not produce content out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s the old rule: subsidize something (thank you Bill Gates) and you get more of it.

So many people in this field have been so busy padding their resumes with these papers, it would not be surprising that standards might have slipped a bit. Published does not mean true, and quantity does not equal quality. Nor do the multiple billions pouring into departments of epidemiological research purchase balanced wisdom.

It’s obviously impossible to read 100,000 papers on the topic – many of them contradictory, obviously – so it is standard practice to cite whatever study seems to confirm one’s priors. There is not one way to “follow the science,” as we’ve learned from Dr. Fauci’s endless television appearances. He decides the message for the day and picks the “science” to back him up, while ignoring the rest.

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