Misusing the Sacrifices of WW II, by Joe Lauria

Few people bring up American wars after World War II. Joe Lauria at consortiumnews.com explains why.

The unjustified interventions and increasingly ugly defeats simply don’t get mentioned. It is as though 70 years of U.S. military history has been whitewashed from the American mind, writes Joe Lauria.

Caitlin Johnstone in her Memorial Day column published here today correctly points out that post-World War II U.S. leaders have deviously invoked that justified war to cement U.S. popular support for conflicts with less than justified aims.

The problem began as the Second World War ended, with the U.S. the only major combatant undamaged at home and left with military bases flung around the world. The U.S. stood astride a devastated globe faced with a choice: make good on its rhetoric of international social progress, or fortifying those bases into the nodes of a global military and economic empire. We know the answer.

Recent American leaders should be aware what the last just American war was. That is why they bring it up every time the U.S. is gearing for a fight.

Before the 1989 war on Panama, Gen. Manuel Noriega was called Hitler; before the 1999 attack on Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic was compared to Hitler; as was Saddam Hussein before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. As tensions rose with Russia during her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton called Vladimir Putin Hitler, leaving the impression she too was itching for war.

World War II imagery and rhetoric has been so crucial to American imperial leaders since 1945 that they have ritually inflated the role the U.S. played in defeating Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union’s outsized contribution to destroying the Nazis has been airbrushed out of history and U.S. allies are relegated to a supporting cast, fitting for the vassals they’ve since 1945 become.

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One response to “Misusing the Sacrifices of WW II, by Joe Lauria

  1. Caitlin has great insight into how the US war machine operates. A pity Americans dont get it due to being brainwashed through patriotism. The Lies and the Hypocrisy of this ugly Empire is beyond belief. Totally manufactured. we are just pawns in their evil actions We are nothing but slaves to their evil and deliberate control of humanity.


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