Why America’s Oligarchs Are Moving Left, by José Niño

In what passes for brilliance among contemporary American executives, being anti-business is actually good for business. From José Niño at mises.org:

These days it’s not your typical latte-sipping millennials who are going woke. Taking a stroll around America’s largest metro areas will have one believe social justice is the latest fad that’s sweeping across corporate boardrooms. Much has been written about woke capital—businesses’ recent pivot to signal their affinity for leftist movements—and what it means for society at large. Suffice it to say that since last year, this trend has accelerated at breakneck speeds.

Scratching one’s head in utter confusion should be a natural response to corporate America’s virtue signaling. One has to wonder why big business, which has traditionally been perceived as a reactionary institution aligned with the political right, would make common cause with radicals on the cultural left. Counterintuitive as it may seem, corporations and prominent business moguls have many incentives to jump on the virtue-signaling bandwagon.

For megacorporations, woke signaling is a matter of self-preservation in order to protect themselves from ravenous mobs in both the virtual and physical realms. What’s more, in a time when hall monitors—state and nonstate—are lurking around every corner waiting for individuals to commit some kind of impropriety, many institutions will go out of their way to signal their compliance with the regime’s standards. Not abiding by the regime’s accepted behavior comes with major social and financial costs that the bulk of businesses are not willing to bear.

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One response to “Why America’s Oligarchs Are Moving Left, by José Niño

  1. Love is the energy that moves us into a higher place

    If you take away the left v. right political battle you may find another picture emerge. This division is exactly what they created and wanted to happen. We are playing into their hands. Divide and conquer. Its been used on humanity for eons. The ones that understand this game are the people that need to focus on the end game and not the game itself. This positión gives you the advantage of finding solutions for the good of all mankind. Not just your country but the collective. All of us are now in the same boat. Find a productive way that you can make a difference. A little goes a long way. The ripple effect. Tho you must remember not to buy into the left v. right game that they control


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