Oriental Despotism Versus Freedom: Which 4IR? by Joaquin Flores

The fourth industrial revolution can be an adaptive, decentralized and free, or it can be imposed and coercive, offering nothing for everyone but the elite. From Joaquin Flores at strategic-culture.org:

There is no running from the 4th Industrial Revolution, but the IMF’s version of it can be stopped, Joaquin Flores writes.

On June 29th, the World Economic Forum announced its ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety’ and its furthering commitment to censorship and the rising technocratic despotism in a press release titled, ‘World Economic Forum Launches Coalition to Tackle Harmful Online Content’. Here we are informed that the WEF will, “accelerate public-private cooperation to tackle harmful content online. It will serve to exchange best practices for new online safety regulation, take coordinated action to reduce the risk of online harms, and drive collaboration on programmes to enhance digital media literacy.”

This represents a furthering of the WEF’s commitment to coercive use of technologies, in particular what’s been termed ‘Technology Facilitated Coercive Control’.

There is no running from the 4th Industrial Revolution, but the IMF’s version of it can be stopped. What the IMF and WEF propose would not represent a 4IR in a meaningful sense, but rather a series of technical adaptations to delay technologies implicit in an actual 4IR. An actual 4IR would to the contrary liberate humanity from the centralizing tendencies of the production-driven society. It would also upend concerns on population growth and carbon by eliminating planned obsolescence.

The World Economic Forum Headquarters – Cologny, Geneva Canton, Switzerland

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