BLM And The ‘Anti-Racists’: Exploiting America’s Black Community By Promoting Government Dependence, by Madame Defarge

Free stuff from the government is never free. From Madame Defarge at

Black lives matter is quite boring.

The protestant work ethic and a short story by John Galsworthy are worth reviewing today. The story is “Quality”.  It is a metaphor for the deterioration of our Christian protestant work ethic that dominated the world for 500 years.  I read the story many decades ago in junior high school.  Amazingly, we all knew how to read.  There was no social promotion.  I wonder what happened?

The story accentuated the wants of instantaneous gratification versus commitment to excellence as a way of life. The craftsmen were cobblers who worked on one custom pair of boots at a time with nothing on their shelf to sell. His quality was excellent but his financial rewards were very low because of lack of mass production.

This is an example of simple bravery, intellect and innovation that created a world girding system that has no equal in history. The perseverance of the Europeans that set out to civilize the primitives and raise their own lifestyle is inspirational to this day. These settlers ventured away from a system that had stood for 1,000 years.

There was no opportunity for the second sons of noblemen in England in the 16th century. The only way for them to rise was the great migration towards new worlds opening across the seas. These settlers brought with them their superior technologies to the new territories and conquered far and wide.

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